Make a Fist and Find Out a Lot About Your Personality

Sometimes it’s the most unusual things that can actually tell you so
much about yourself. This time, the newest psychological research shows
what making a fist can reveal about your personality.

It can reveal so much, even though we are not aware of this. It can
say a lot about your temperament and attitude towards life, the way you
react in given situations, and what kind of company you attract. Now,
first of all, make a fist. What does it look like?


If you made this type of fist, then you’re a gentle person. Do you
see how the thumb gently rests beside the other fingers? That means that
you most probably have high emotional intelligence and you think about
people’s feelings before acting. This means you are usually the person
everyone goes to in case of emotional emergencies.

However, all these precious things might also mean that people take
advantage of you. You should be well aware of this fact and of other
people’s intentions because not everyone thinks of you the way you think
of them. The worst part is that you have a personality that points
towards a reluctance to protest in these situations. That means that
you’d rather let people take advantage of you even if you know they are
doing so.


You are one talented individual – very charming, suave, and with an
amazing charisma. You are an extrovert. You’re extremely social and
impulsive – but all that’s in a good way. The way your thumb covers the
rest of the fingers shows that you don’t cover your feelings – you
rather talk about them. You are very open with your emotions. You speak
in a straight-forward manner and like when people do the same with you.

The downside here might just be that sometimes you are misinterpreted
by some people. Not like this should concern you, but that’s just for
the record – you just keep working on your goals. Whatever people are
thinking is not your problem – it’s theirs.


This type of fist shows a bend towards being introverted. Notice how
the thumb is hidden by the other four digits. This is similar to how you
hide your thoughts and feelings from others except a chosen few. You
don’t mix a lot with people and prefer isolation. You don’t have a huge
set of friends because you hate drama. You gel with only a few people
and keep good company. You prefer those who are straightforward. You
know that a lot of people are fraudulent and avoid those that seem to
put on a phony personality.

On the inside, you only want people in
your life that you can have conversations with that actually mean
something. You want to converse about something deeper than the generic
chit-chat. You like the company of those you choose, but after a certain
point, you need to be on your own. Having your own space and privacy is
important to you. You hate people who waste your time and those that
get into your space without your say.

You are a gentle spirit, not
willing to hurt anyone. You are at your best in solitude, ruminating on
your own. This gives you a sense of tranquillity.

Reading body
language is more of an art than a science and it can sometimes be wrong.
However, these three types of fists are usually a good indicator of the
sort of person you are. Regardless of what kind of person you are
supposed to be like, there are plenty of plus points. So, remember that
you don’t need changing and for all you know, the type of fist you have,
in your case, doesn’t really match your personality.


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