Maintain A Healthy Posture With These 5 Exercises

Maintaining a good posture may seem difficult, even hurtful, at
times. But it is imperative for a healthy body. It boosts your
confidence, keeps your spine happy, makes you slimmer, improves
breathing and so on. These sound good, but how to go about it?

Luckily, here are some easy exercises that’ll prep you into improving your posture. So, quit slouching and read on.

Seated T-Spine Openers

this exercise, grab a chair and sit straight, with your feet flat on
the ground. Then hold your hands behind your neck to position your
elbows close to one another. When they are tightly placed, lift your
elbows and chest upwards, like you’re doing a backbend using your upper
back muscles. Remember to keep your lower back muscles straight. Repeat
this exercise as many times as you’re comfortable with.

Single Leg Extension

best way to improve your slouching is to focus on improving your core
muscles, i.e., the muscles in your abdomen and lower back, which connect
directly to your pelvis and spine. This exercise trains the core
muscles to coordinate, and stabilizes the pelvis.

For this, lie
on your back, plant your feet on the ground, and bend your knees. Then
clasp your hands behind your head and lift it up as you would do while
doing crunches. Now gradually lift one leg off the floor (about 45
degrees) and keep it straight while pulling the other bent knee towards
your chest. Keep your lower back glued on the floor. Repeat by switching
King Cobra Stretch

This can be a
little tricky sometimes, so keep up. Lie on your stomach with your
palms down on the ground, just outside your shoulders. Flex one leg up
on the side and straighten the other one behind you. Now, lift your
upper body till your arms are straight. Remember to keep your shoulder
blades down and back.

After this, keep your elbows close to your
sides and gently twist your body to look back to your bent leg on one
side. Hold this posture for 30 seconds. Then release and repeat with the
other leg.

Reverse Shoulder Shrugs

this exercise is particularly helpful for people with long hours of
desk jobs. For this, you can choose to either stand or sit upright. Keep
your head in a neutral position. Lift your shoulders as you do during a
shoulder shrug, then roll them back down. If you’re suffering from neck
or shoulder stiffness, go for this easy exercise 2 to 3 times a day
with 20 repetitions each time.
‌Yoga Sit-Up

exercise is again a good focus on your core muscles. Lie flat on your
back, with your legs bent and feet planted flat. Now, exhale deeply so
as to pull your navel inside, closer to your spine. Now one after
another, lift your arms, head, and shoulders off the ground until you
are placed in a sitting posture. Then gradually move back to the ground.
Repeat this around 3 to 5 times and keep your core strong.

These are some healthy tit-bits. Don’t forget to munch on them to build up the correct posture.

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