Lose Weight Quicker – 3 Simple Science Approved Steps

to lose weight quicker? In this post, we will be covering 3 simple
science-approved steps you can use to lose weight quicker.

A lot of people want to lose weight but they go at it the wrong way and that ends up leading to their failure.

Let’s see if you’re one of those people!


Why People Fail To Lose Weight

They Make Unrealistic Goals

is why a lot of people fall for scams out there. Scammers out there
make you feel like they can help you achieve massive results in a very
short period of time.

The reality is that even if it is possible
for you to lose massive weight in a short period of time, you will
definitely suffer the consequences that come after.

That is because massive weight loss in a short period of time is very unhealthy.

Lack of Discipline

This one goes with the above point I just made.

you know that rush you feel when you’re about to start your weight loss
journey? When you feel like you are going to make it happen.

It never lasts, does it?

A few days later, you’re back to doing whatever it was that got you fat in the first place.

This happens because you lack discipline. Having discipline is when you do something even when you don’t feel like doing it.

is why motivation never lasts, you can always come up with an excuse
but with discipline, you just have to find a way to do it anyway.

Trying Too Many Things At Once

If you try too many strategies at once, you are bound to give up on all of them.

is true when they say “a jack of all trades is master of none”. Imagine
trying to learn how to play the piano and you start by playing
different songs at the same time.

It won’t work. The same goes for weight loss.

Trying one thing and committing to it is the best method to start off with.

Is There A Better Way To Lose Weight?

As it turns out, YES!

In fact, there are two weight loss methods that I still salute to this day.

Two Different Approaches To Lose Weight

Quick Weight Loss

are myths around this topic of quick weight loss but it is very
possible. I have written a couple of posts concerning quick weight loss.

I also share a diet plan for rapid weight loss so if you are more interested in quick weight loss, you can check out this post.

And don’t worry, it’s a healthy strategy.

Slow Weight Loss

This where you study how your body reacts to any sort of diet plan you are using for your weight loss.

This weight loss strategy is the most beneficial in the long term because let’s face it, losing weight takes some time.

You cannot possibly go from obese to super-thin in a week. Don’t even try it because that is super dangerous.

Go for weekly losses and keep your records.

you try a weight loss strategy and see no change on the scale after 1
week, you’re probably doing something wrong or that strategy doesn’t
work at all.

This brings me to my next point!

Eat More Protein, Veggies, and Good Fats

Let’s talk about protein for a moment. If you have a high protein diet plan, you’ll be able to boost your metabolism.

You just have to make sure that your protein intake comes from good food sources.

When it comes to vegetables, you need to target those that are low in calories in order to restrict your overall calorie intake.

You also need to find good sources of fats which means that you need to use coconut oil, avocados, olive oil.

Cut Down Carbohydrates (Temporarily)

Your body secretes a lot of insulin because of these foods. Insulin is the hormone responsible for storing fats in your body.

This means that you need to cut down foods like sugary drinks, coke, energy drinks, and stuff like that.

This will result in a significant loss of weight in your first few weeks of cutting down these foods.

In fact, you can do a one-week sugar detox to see if it works for you.

Workout Weekly

This is something that we all have to do. This is not for weight loss purposes, but for staying fit and healthy.

You can try:

  • Sprinting
  • Weight lifting
  • Jogging

is my favorite kind of workout because it is not that hard and it is
very engaging. Joining a workout community like a gym membership is a
good idea.


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