Lose up to 14 pounds in 1 week with this awesome cucumber diet!

cucumber diet is amazing for people who are trying to lose those extra
pounds but don’t want to try too hard. You need to be active to get the
best of results and really stick to it – after all, it lasts 7 to 10
days only! The key ingredient is the cucumber which you’ll have to eat
with every meal. The cucumber will help the process of detoxification,
speed up your metabolism and clean the intestines. It will also help you
get rid of the redness an the acne.

diet is based on cucumber salad that you can eat whenever you feel
hungry as much as you want. It’s ideal for anyone who really doesn’t
want to think about what they’re going to eat while they’re eating
because the diet plan is really simple.

Only a few ingredients are included and the diet can last 10-14 days.

extended version of this 14-day diet gives incredible results,
depending of course on the level of physical activity. The diet is
based, as we have already mentioned, on cucumber salad that you can eat
as much as you want.

Cucumber diet:


200 g of sliced cucumber to a low-fat, sugar free yogurt. Get yourself
an apple after the meal, if it doesn’t satisfy your hunger.


cucumber salad and some dried rye bread is more than enough for lunch.
But, in case you want something more, here is a recipe to try:

  • 2 potatoes
  • 300 g of fresh fruits

Drinks: sugar-free tea or coffee

As a desert you can eat fruit. You can either boil or bake the potatoes- it’s entirely up to you!

You can also try :

  • 2 eggs
  • 150 g of tune
  • 2 potatoes
  • 15 white meat
  • cucumber
  • 3 slices of wheat bread

this case, you have to choose between the potatoes or the rye bread. If
you like meant, you can grill some and eat it with boiled eggs.

The Cucumber shake:

  • Ginger
  • 20 g of walnuts and almonds
  • one apple
  • a handful of spinach
  • one cucumber

Cucumber Shake

a washed cucumber (do not peel), a handful of spinach, and a green
apple in a blender. If you want to, you can add some fresh ginger. Add
some walnuts or almonds to the top as well. Drink while it’s fresh
because the longer it sits, the more beneficial nutrients it loses. This
shake delivers vitamins and minerals to your body, particularly
vitamins A and K. It is also rich in fiber, magnesium, iron, C, E, and B
vitamins and calcium and potassium. There are many beneficial
ingredients in this refreshing drink that our body needs.


A 300 g fruit salad will suffice for dinner.

though this is a simple diet, the quality of the ingredients must be
taken into account. Try to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and
organic. While following any diet, moderate physical activity is
important, so something like a half – hour walk will help you lose even
more weight.

In a few different ways, cucumbers might help you
lose weight. They’re low in calories first of all. Each single-cup
serving (104-gram) contains only 16 calories, while a whole 11-unce
(300-gram) cucumber contains only 45 calories. This means you can eat
plenty of cucumbers without the extra calories that lead to weight gain
being packed.

Cucumbers can add to salads, sandwiches and side
dishes freshness and flavour, and can be used as an alternative to
higher calories. In addition, the high concentration of cucumbers in
water could also help in weight loss. One analysis examined 13 studies,
including 3,628 individuals, and found a significant reduction in body
weight associated with eating high – water and low – calorie foods.

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