Lose excess weight with this healthy tea

You only need a couple of days to notice the difference. Read below on how to make this tea.
It’s very powerful because of the combination of green tea, bay leaf and
cinnamon. All 3 ingredients are healthy and burn down fat very
effectively, boosting metabolism at the same time.


  • Green Tea
  • 3 bay leafs
  • Cinnamon


Boil 800 ml. of water and let it settle. Add 2 small spoons of cinnamon.
Add 3 bay leafs and a full spoon of green tea. Cover it up and let it
settle for at least 10 minutes. Lastly drain it and it’s ready.

This tea is great for boosting your metabolism and it’s most effective
in the morning. Drink a cup of this tea in the morning on an empty

The second cup you can drink after the breakfast and last before going to bed.

With 3 cups from this tea daily, you’ll boost your metabolism in turn losing weight. The results show rather quickly

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