Ladies, If You Can’t Sleep You Might Be Lacking These Vitamins

A major factor behind getting a good night’s sleep is the vitamins that
we take in. Deficiency of Vitamins causes not only unrestful sleep but
also many more disorders relating to sleep like sleep apnea and
insomnia. The mystery of solving our sleep pattern problems is by
identifying the vitamins lacking in our body.

1. Vitamin B

B consists of several major ingredients such as folic acid, niacin,
riboflavin, and thiamine. These vitamins are highly essential for
providing crucial support for the betterment of our immune system, skin,
as well as our central nervous system. They have an indispenasable role
in the process of regeneration of our cells.

The monitoring of
our various chemical processes affecting sleep and moods is also done by
vitamin B. And if there is any deficiency in the body, at the initial
stages, the onset of depression and insomnia act as an indicator.

2. Iron
with the syndrome of restless legs are usually the ones suffering from a
deficiency of Iron. These cause exceptionally painful experiences while
going to sleep at night. The constant pain is only relieved momentarily
by the constant jerking of the legs, which ultimately disturb one’s
peaceful sleep. The process of going back to sleep after this
interruption is quite difficult, hence leading to major problems like

3. Vitamin E

The intake of Vitamin E
is necessary to preserve the functions of the cell and to make sure that
one’s cells are not damaged. To cure problems of sleep disorders,
Vitamin E acts as a wonderful solution. It has a lot of antioxidant
capabilities. The problem of sleep apnea generally occurs to people who
are suffering from Vitamin E deficiency.Hence to follow a proper sleep
schedule, it is important to have proper consumption of this vitamin.

4. Potassium
is a magic element that greatly helps people that face problems related
to sleep. According to a study published in the journal Sleep,
potassium really had far reaching effects in the person’s sleep, who
took potassium chloride supplements.

This was in comparison with
a person who was provided with placebo capsules. There were sleep logs,
as well as, sleep ACTi graphs taken to register the differences. There
was a relative improvement of sleep of the ones who took potassium

5. Magnesium
which is a crucial hormone assisting your body to fall asleep, is
produced by the mineral Magnesium. Prevention of peaceful sleep caused
by problems such as muscle tensions can easily be relieved by this
mineral. Magnesium encourages an amino acid production called GABA which
relaxes our central nervous system and puts us to sleep. A glaring
reason behind why Americans are not getting enough sleep is definitely
the deficiency of magnesium in their diet.

Did this list of
ingredients help you identify the reasons behind your uneasy sleep? In
order to attain the peaceful sleep that you seek, follow the steps
mentioned in the articles and start dreaming!

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