Japanese Secret Of Youth And Beauty – Take Years Off Your Face & Hair!!!

Next time you boil rice, think twice before throwing the water. Rice
water is rich in beauty minerals and vitamins that make it fantastic for
both skin and hair. Asian women have used rice water for centuries to
beautify their hair, face, and skin. Read on to find out how to make
rice water and how to use it for gorgeous hair and skin.

What is Rice Water?

  • Rice water, in its simplest form, is the water that is leftover
    after washing off rice in preparation for eating. It can be concentrated
    or diluted and even fermented to bring out most of its benefits.
  • Rice water contains nutrients that can fortify hair and renew skin
    when used as a facial wash or hair rinse, and unlike many products for
    skin or hair care on the commercial market, it is an easy and natural
    way to care for your skin and hair.

Rice Water is Asia’s Best Kept Secret

  • Rice water has been used in eastern medicine to keep skin pliable
    and youthful-looking and to make hair grow strong and shiny since
    ancient times, in places ranging across the Asian continent. You won’t
    find any sulfates or silicates in a bowl of rice water, and the best
    part is that you can whip it up quickly in the comfort of your own home
    for a price that can’t be beaten.
  • Traditionally, female rice farmers in Japan used to bathe and wash in the water used for cleaning white rice.
  • In the Heian period, as early as the 9th century, women at the
    Japanese imperial court used fermented rice water to keep their hair
    long, healthy, and beautiful. Their beautiful long hair reached to the
    floor. These court ladies were said to have combed their hair each day
    using Yu-Su-Ru, which is the rinse water obtained from the washing of
  • The Yao ethnic women from the village of Huangluo in China is a
    testament to this tradition. Where the women of the Yao ethnic minority
    reside, a haircut is something that is not only infrequent but often
    never done at all—and their hair is extremely long (often more than 6
    feet in length!), thick, dark and shiny well into their later years.
    What’s their secret?
  • According to an article published in China Daily, the secret for
    keeping their hair dark and clean is to wash it with rice water. It’s a
    natural shampoo and hair conditioner.
  • Rice water is prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners as an effective ointment to cool off inflamed skin surfaces.

Rice Water for Hair and Skin – the Research

  • In one research proposal detailing a project aimed at creating more
    effective hair care products at Japan’s SPring-8 facility, one specific
    substance found in rice water, called inositol, proved useful in
    improving the elasticity of hair and reducing friction in damaged hair.4
    This led to marked improvements in the overall health of the hair.
  • Another research study, published in November 2010 in the
    International Journal of Cosmetic Chemists, noted that the longstanding
    traditional hair care method of the Heian period—rinsing hair with rice
    water—could prove beneficial to people in the modern era, as well. These
    researchers found that extracts created from rice water were effective
    in maintaining hair health and would make an ideal addition to
    commercial hair care products.

How to Make Rice Water for Skin and Hair

  • If you want to see if using rice water as part of your own hair and
    skincare routine can be beneficial for you, here are a few quick and
    easy recipes for preparing a batch of rice water:

Which rice to use

  • Brown, white long grain, white short grain, jasmine, or whatever you have.

Method 1: Boiled rice water

  • To make a concentrate of rice water to use all week long in its
    diluted form as a facial wash or hair rinse, prepare rice as you
    normally would, but use two to three times the amount of water you
    usually would.
  • After the rice has cooked, strain it out. The leftover water will be
    a vivid white color and will contain a high concentration of nutrients.
    However, don’t use it at full strength. Instead, dilute a few
    tablespoons of this concentrated rice water into a cup of clean water,
    making a barely milky-looking mixture.
  • Use this diluted solution to wash your face or to treat your hair,
    and store the leftover concentrate in the refrigerator in a covered
    container for up to one week.

Method 2: No-boil quick method

  • If you want to extract rice water quickly and don’t want to go
    through the hassle of diluting and storing, simply take two cups of
    water and put a half cup of rice into it for 15 minutes. Strain the rice
    from the water and use this rice water to wash your face, hair, or

Method 3: Fermented rice water

  • Fermented rice water is thought to be especially good for hair
    because of the pH change that occurs to the water during the
    fermentation process (the process brings the rice water’s pH more
    closely in line with hair’s natural pH, and causes the release of a
    chemical called pitera that may promote the regeneration of cells). The
    method for making it calls for a few extra steps, but the results are
    well worth the trouble.
  • To make fermented rice water, prepare rice water according to the
    no-boil quick method listed above and allow it to sit in a jar at room
    temperature for one or two days (in warmer climates, the fermentation
    process will take less time). When a slightly sour smell arises from the
    rice water, stop the fermentation process by keeping the solution in
    the fridge and use this rice water for skin toning or as a hair rinse.
  • Fermented rice water is very potent, so it’s best to dilute it with 1-2 cups of warm water before using it.
  • Wash your face with rice water daily before bedtime, and use it in
    your hair as a finishing rinse no more than once or twice per week—think
    of it as being like a deep conditioner, where a little goes a long way.
  • The benefits remain even after it has been rinsed away, so you can
    wash and rinse as you normally would without any fear of unsightly
    build-up occurring.

How to Use Rice Water for Skin and Hair

You can use rice water every day as part of your cleansing skin care
routine, morning or evening. For your hair, it is recommended to use it
once or twice a week either as hair wash or last rinse.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Use rice water as part of your face and body cleanser to make a face or body wash.
  • Use rice water as a natural substitute for your regular toner which
    can also help you to reduce the size of the pores on your skin. Another
    option is to add rice water to natural remedies to shrink your pores.
    Simply dab a bit of rice water onto your face and gently massage it into
    your skin for a couple of minutes. With regular use, you will notice
    your skin feeling soft, tight, and radiant.
  • You can also use it as a part of your moisturizing face mask and you can also add a few drops of essential oils for skin care.
  • Rinsing your hair with rice water brings shine to your hair and
    helps to keep it strong and healthy. You can also add to the rice water a
    few drops of essential oils for strong and shiny hair. After
    shampooing, pour the rice water on your hair. Gently massage your scalp
    and hair and leave it on for 4 to 5 minutes. Then rinse your hair
    thoroughly with plain water. Use it once or twice a week as a last
  • Add rice water to bath soaks to cleanse, relax and rejuvenate your
    body. Fill a small muslin bag with 1/2 cup rice and place the muslin bag
    into the water and soak in the tub.
  • Make a body scrub by using the rice leftover from making the rice
    water. To create the scrub, grind the rice and mix it with 1 or 2
    teaspoons of olive oil and lemon juice each (you can add a few drops of
    your favorite essential oil) and rub it into the skin to exfoliate and

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