How To Thread Your Own Eyebrows at Home

together with legs and bikini areas are one of the most important
concerns of women. Women already know the two common techniques of
waxing or the simple well-known tweezers to remove the excess of hair in
eyebrow. But what if a “new” method arrived from the far land of India?
This new technique is so called threading and it is actually a very
ancient eyebrow removal method. It might sound new to you, but this new
(at least in our country) eyebrow technique is gaining more and more
popularity in western countries. In fact, the origin of the threading
goes back over 6000 years. From India, it spread thru Asia, Middle East
and in modern times in Europe. In each of these continents has different
names, but the technique is still the same!

The success of this
new method is explained because it gives a perfect hair removal and it
also provides perfect eyebrows shapes.

The threading technique
involves only a simple material: a thin cotton or polyester thread, as
the name of the technique suggests. The cotton will be doubled and then
twisted. Then, the expert hands of a cosmetician will roll over the
areas of hairs that the person desires to remove. Thank to this
technique the hair will be plucked out directly from the follicle and
not cut out like in other eyebrow techniques. Although it seems a very
simple way to remove hairs, the threading has several advantages
compared to the two above-mentioned “old” techniques.

are the most common and widely used technique to remove eyebrows’ hairs.
It is simple and, thus, all women can do it at home! However, compared
the evergreen tweezers, the threading can eliminate more hairs at the
same time. In fact, with tweezers it is possible to pull only one hair
at the time, while the threading can eliminate lines of hairs!! In
addition, the threading offers more precision compared and less pain to
the client.

If you believe that wax is the right solution since
it can pull out more hairs at the same time, you might need to take into
consideration other key factors. In fact, threading is much more
delicate to the skin. As a consequence, the client experiment less
irritation and discomfort. This is especially important for those people
who have very sensitive or dry skin and, therefore, eyebrow might cause
serious damages to their skins. In addition, threading offers more
control and therefore the shape of the eyebrow can be bettered defined
and outlined. Thanks to the precision of this techniques, makeup artists
prefer this eyebrow method since it gives a better look to the entire

In addition, the threading is completely natural and
therefore there are no chemicals or artificial ingredients that you
might find in the wax.

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