How To Remove Pink or White Stretch Marks Of Your Body

Stretch marks are a skin problem that women (mostly) have to face at a
certain point in their lives, especially if you have given birth in
recent months. They can appear on multiple body parts, like stomach,
thighs, hips, upper arms, and lower back, breasts.

. Most women are not feeling comfortable about their pink/white stripes,
because of their look. Only two different types of stretch marks are
known: red or pink, which have recently discovered, and white ones,
which are old marks. No matter the color, you must not disappoint your
self, as there will always be a natural remedy!

Primarily, you must take care of your skin gently and to follow our suggest 5 steps, to prepare your skin for treatment.

1. Exfoliation:

By removing all the dead cells of the top of your skin, will allow it to
receive faster all the nutrients it lacks. Pay attention and exfoliate
your epidermis gently, without making any skin damage.

2. Protection:

You should protect your skin from the UV rays by using sunscreen each
time you go outside. Sun also affects the stretch marks, so they won’t
get darker, highlighting this imperfection.

3. Healthy lifestyle:

A combination of healthy food and physical exercises should be the
perfect solution for normal and darken skin. Moreover, sooner or later
your body will be grateful for all the minerals and vitamins you store
into your skin.

4. Hydration:

Hydrating the skin by taking at least 2 liters of water each day. Thus
you will restore the skin elasticity and promote it recovers faster
after the treatments. Moreover,the hydrated skin is essential for other
issus or diseases concerning your body.

5. Moisture:

Moisturizing the skin is the best way of keeping the skin elastic, soft,
flexible and firm skin. So please regularly apply a moisturizing cream
or lotion into your skin.

Natural Remedies

Homemade remedies are very affordable, so you can use certain
ingredients that possibly you already have in your home kitchen. This
type of method will not get the stretch marks to remove for good, but
they will surely hide them for some period. The key to successed in this
is to use the right ingredients and mixtures.


Some creams specially designed to hide the stretch marks and can be
quite affordable. They are full of powerful ingredients that nourish
your skin have a natural look and you can be 100% positive they will
work as other people have tested them as well.

Laser intervention:

It is a long term solution for this skin problem that will make you
forget about the stretch marks for a more extended period. The laser
determines the skin membrane cure it faster and become much stronger. We
suggest you to use a stretch mark skin cream at the same time, to make
sure your skin does not become flabby.

Skin surgery:

This kind or treatment is considered to be the only way of getting rid
of stretch marks. However, it is quite expensive. But if you really want
to have a perfect skin, then it is worth the effort. You need to know
that it takes some time unil all the scars, including those resulting
from the surgery, have faded, but the effect will be great.


Stretch marks cannot always be prevented. On the other hand they are
often a temporary issue and can easily be treated. Just try to implement
our treatment methods and the results will be visible in no time.
Medical prescription and procedures aren’t any guarantee to cure the stretch marks, and monstly the are expensive.

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