How To Remove Earwax Using An Ear Candle

Earwax (cerumen) is usually removed by a doctor, but there is also a
folk remedy, very effective, that my grandparents used to use every time
they had ear disorders.

The traditional method can be used at home by anyone, but requires
special care. To get rid of earwax, you need a therapeutic candle (you
can find it at any herbal store).

How to proceed?

You have to sit sideways, and introduce in the ear the side without the
wick. The area of the ear in which we place the candle must be covered
with a towel, so the earwax won’t touch the skin.
Set fire to the candle, and the heat emanated will melt the wax, which
will be sucked out. During the procedure, if you hear noises in the ear,
don’t be afraid: it is normal. Once the candle has burned to the
indicated mark, you can move it to the other ear.

This method is quite dangerous, because a moment of inattention is enough to burn your ear or hair.
It’s also advisable not to use this remedy more than twice a year. Don’t
forget, however, that the safest method is the one recommended by the
ENT specialist.

You can see more information in the following video:

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