How to Maintain a Healthy Skin at Every Age

What part of your body do you think reveals your age the most?

It is a question that you need to answer honestly, particularly if
you have been tormented by the signs of aging all this time. And if you
really have been looking for anti-aging solutions, then chances are that
you already know the answer to this question.

It is indeed your skin that tells the story of your age, especially though its lines, bruises and scars.

However, your skin may not need to age with you, provided you take
good care of its health and nutrition. It is true that a healthy and
beautiful skin will not only make you look a lot younger than you really
are, but would also boost your confidence since it would make you look
so beautiful as well.

If you would like to feel good about your skin while you are aging
gracefully, then there are a few tips and tricks that you would need to
follow. It is simpler than you ever thought it was.


Have a Balanced & Healthy Diet

An easily neglected and taken-for-granted source of the health and
nutrition of your skin is your diet. You should seek a balance in all
the essential nutrients in your diet with all the vitamins and minerals
known to promote good skin health such as Vitamin A, C and E and zinc
and potassium.

Drink a lot of Water

Adequate hydration makes a healthy and beautiful skin. While drinking
a lot of water is essential for healthy skin in any age, but this is
particularly true for women who are in their 50s since their skin will
become much drier due to the decrease in estrogen levels of estrogen.

High Intake of Antioxidants

Nothing is more effective in anti-aging treatment than antioxidants.
You do not have to rely on any products or cosmetics for attaining the
“fountain of youth” for overnight results because such an expectation
will only bring you disappointments, but you can capitalize on nature’s

There are several food sources in nature which are high in
antioxidants and including them in your everyday diet can effectively
allow you to slow down, if not reverse the signs of aging on your skin.
Food sources high in antioxidants include blueberries, strawberries,
acai berry, watermelon and green tea.

Curb Your Skin Problems Timely

In order to maintain a healthy skin as you age, you should not ignore
seemingly trivial problems of your skin. This includes problems as
simple as pimples to as serious as signs of skin cancer. Aging women
often fall prone to actinic keratosis and should immediately consult a
dermatologist when spotted. Check your skin for redness and spider-like
blood vessels, which can particularly appear on your legs. Laser therapy
is one option to control this problem.

Choose the Right Skin Products

Learn about your skin type and choose products that are suitable for
it. You should consult your dermatologist and should seek a retinoid for
the treatment of signs of aging such as wrinkles. If your skin is
sensitive and immediately reacts to chemical treatment and cosmetics,
then you should look for products with less invasive ingredients or seek
other natural alternatives, particularly skincare products with herbal
ingredients such as licorice root and Aloe Vera.

Self-Examine Your Skin

As you age, you should make it a habit to self-examine your skin. You
should look for dark spots, new moles or any abnormalities. The middle
age is the time when the signs of skin cancer start appearing, so in
case if there is a possibility, you would be better off catching it at
the onset.

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