How To Lose Weight If You Weigh 200 Pounds Or More

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could
lose those extra pounds and fit back into your cute skinny clothes
instead of having them take up closet space?  Losing weight when you
weigh 200 pounds or more can feel really intimidating if you don’t know
the easy ways you can shed those extra pounds.  I was struggling with my
health and weight for years until I found out how to lose those extra
pounds and regain my health without feeling deprived.   Here are some
easy tips to follow on how to lose weight if you weight 200 pounds or
more so you can regain your confidence, feel beautiful and sexy, and
look forward to getting dressed every morning.

How To Lose Weight If You Weigh 200 Pounds Or More

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  1. Start
    by healing your gut.  Weight loss can be nearly impossible if your gut
    is out of balance.  You have cravings, you’re hungry all the time, and
    you don’t lose weight despite following a diet.  If any of these sound
    familiar, you’re probably struggling with a gut imbalance.  Healing your
    gut is the most important part of trying to lose weight.  Eating
    fermented foods like kombucha and saurkraut will get you on your way to a
    healthy gut and weight loss.  It’s easy to fix and will get your weight
    loss going along much faster.
  2. Don’t try to exercise too much in
    the beginning.  Walking is a great way to burn some extra calories, but
    anything else may just make you tired and hungry in the beginning when
    you have a lot of weight to lose.  Keep your exercise to low impact
    things until you start feeling more energetic and get adjusted to your
    diet.  Trying to do too much at once can cause you to burn out and give
    up.  I used to get all excited when starting a new diet and start right
    away with strenuous workouts.  I would be tired and hungry and in the
    end, I was just setting myself up for failure.  I learned that walking
    outdoors in the morning helps me clear my mind, focus on the day ahead
    and improves my mood and attitude so much.  When you’re just getting
    started, your diet (if it’s effective) will produce the majority of the
    results rather than over exercising.
  3. Remove processed food, meat
    and dairy from your diet. A plant based whole food diet has so many
    benefits for your health.  Changing to this type of diet has weight
    falling off of my body faster than I could have imagined.  I’ve
    struggled for a very long time with my weight and health.  If the keto
    diet makes you feel terrible, give this a try.  I’m in heaven eating
    rice, potatoes, pasta, and all the starchy foods that my heart desires. 
    The part I really love is that I can eat until I’m satisfied.  No
    calorie counting or carb counting!  And I’ve fallen in love with food
    again in a healthy way and healed my relationship with food.  This is a
    great resource for getting started.
  4. Break your diet up into
    smaller time frames.  When we have so much to lose, it feels like we’ll
    be dieting forever before we reach our goals.  That makes it really hard
    to stick to in the long term.  Break your diet into 21 or 30 day
    challenges.  Stick to it 100% for whatever amount of time you decide
    on.  Once you’ve finished your 21 or 30 days, treat yourself to one of
    your favorite foods or meals for a day and then get right back on for
    another 21 or 30 days.  This will allow you to still enjoy some foods
    you love on occasion, but not get carried away.  Anyone can stick to
    something for 21 days, right?  I give myself one day per month to eat
    what I want for one meal and a dessert.  This way I never feel deprived
    or like I’m missing out on the foods I love that aren’t so fabulous for
    my health.
  5. Drink plenty of water.  Be sure you are getting at
    least 8-12 cups of water each day to keep you full and flush out the
    fat.  Also make sure your electrolytes are replenished.  If you feel
    like your water is just coming right back out of you, it may not be
    getting into your cells.
  6. Meal plan and prepare food ahead of
    time.  Have healthy snacks and meals prepared as much as possible.  When
    you come home from work and you’re ravenous because you’ve been so busy
    you didn’t get to eat for hours, you’ll reach for all the wrong
    things.  Be sure to have snacks prepared that you can grab easily from
    the fridge or have as much prepared as you can to make cooking dinner
    easier.  You can take a couple of hours on the weekend to get this set
    up and your busy week will be so much easier!  If you hate meal planning
    for yourself, you can get done for you meal plans delivered to your
    email every week.  I’ve tried two meal planning services and I love,
    love, love both of them!  For a high fat, low carb diet, these meal
    plans are awesome!  For $8 a month you can get a complete grocery list, 3
    meals and 1 snack recipe per day.  For everyday healthy meal plans or
    if you follow a paleo or vegetarian diet, $5 Meal Plan is amazing! 
    Their recipes are so awesome and easy to make and the grocery list makes
    shopping fast and easy.  The coolest part is it’s only $5 per month! 
    Or if you enjoy doing your own meal planning, you can get my free
    printable meal planner.
  7. Most importantly be kind to yourself. 
    It is really hard to be positive and feel amazing when you don’t like
    what you see in the mirror.  Practice thinking or saying nice things to
    yourself when you look into the mirror.  If you start to think something
    negative, turn it around into a positive.  Don’t grab your fat roll
    every chance you get and think that it will never go away.  Be proud of
    yourself for working hard to change what you are unhappy with and don’t
    say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else.  I
    practice positive thinking and gratitude every morning.  I write down 10
    things that I am thankful for about myself and also in my life.  It’s
    amazing how you can change your life with positivity.  Once you start to
    practice it, you’ll realize how many negative thoughts creep into your
    mind every day.  It’s shocking once you start noticing!

you are over 200 pounds and want to lose weight, try these tips.  I
know you’ll see a complete change in yourself and your health!  I hope
this has helped you realize that this doesn’t have to feel
overwhelming.  You can lose weight quickly and easily if you follow
these tips.

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