How To Lose Face Fat Easily – Exercise, Makeup And Styling Tips

You have just clicked a selfie with your girls, and while they are
giggling over the pic, all you can see is your double chin and chubby
cheeks. It is definitely not flattering, and you want to get rid of the
extra flab as soon as possible. So, what is the easiest and fastest way
to lose weight on your face? Technically, it is not possible to lose fat
from a single part of the body. But if you incorporate a few practical
tips in your everyday life, you’ll be able to get a slimmer face easily.

1.How To Lose Face Fat

Given here are a few techniques to reduce face fat:

  • Facial Exercises
  • Facial Yoga
  • XO Exercise
  • Hippo’s Jaws
  • Fish Face
  • Chin Lift
  • Blowing Air
  • Jaw Release
  • Cheek Puff Exercise
  • Cheek Lift
  • Chewing gum
  • Facial Massage

2.Exercises To Lose Excess Weight

3.Eat Healthy – Diet Chartt

  • Stir-Fried Veggies And Mushrooms
  • Tangy Bengal Gram Salad

4.Other Tips To Make Your Face Look Slimmer

  • Makeup
  • Hair Cuts And Hairstyles
  • Accessories And Clothing

1. Facial Exercises

The benefit of facial muscle exercise is immense. About 43
facial muscles need to get toned in order to get a slim face. Remember,
losing fat from the face is aided by other factors as well, which we
will discuss later in this article. Let’s first talk about facial

a. Facial Yoga

Simhasana or the Lion Pose will tone your face muscles and
also help in detoxification. Follow the steps diligently and practice it
a few times every morning to get the desired results.

b. XO Exercise

Not kisses and hugs, but a fun way to tone the face muscles.
Say X and O in a way that your face muscles are stretched and contracted
to their limit. This will also make you feel relaxed and improve blood
circulation to your face. You can do this exercise any time of the day.
Do 10 sets per attempt.

c. Hippo’s Jaws

This is another fun, yet effective facial exercise. Open your
mouth as wide as possible. Hold it for 10 seconds and then relax.
Repeat this 10 times.

d. Fish Face

This is the ultimate facial exercise. Suck your cheeks in and
try to smile. Hold this position for five seconds and then release.
Repeat this 10 times.

e. Chin Lift

This exercise helps you get rid of a double chin by toning
the muscles in your chin area. Look up at the ceiling, pull your lower
lip upwards, and hold it for five seconds. Repeat this 10 times.

f. Blowing Air

This exercise will tone your neck, chin, jaws, and face
muscles. Sit on a chair. Make sure to keep your spine straight. Now,
look up at the ceiling, pull your lips, and exhale from your mouth.
Repeat this 10 times. Relax as needed between repetitions.

g. Jaw Release

Who doesn’t want high cheekbones and a well-defined jawline?
This exercise will help tone your jaw and cheek muscles. Stand straight,
keep your lips together, and move your lower jaw in a circular motion
(clockwise and counter-clockwise), almost as if you are chewing food.
Hum while you breathe in and breathe out. Next, open your mouth wide and
hold the tip of your tongue behind the bottom teeth. Breathe in and
breathe out. Hold this for three to five seconds. Repeat this set 10

h. Cheek Puff Exercise

This exercise also tones your cheek muscles and helps your
face look slimmer. Take a deep breath, and hold the air in your right
cheek for six seconds. Then, transfer the air to the left cheek, and
hold it for six seconds. Do this a few times throughout the day.

i. Cheek Lift

If you want firm cheeks, try this exercise as often as you
can. Start by smiling as wide as you can. Now, stretch your right cheek
with the help of your index, middle, and ring fingers in the direction
of your eyes. Close your eyes, if required. Hold the pose for about 10
seconds and then repeat on the opposite cheek.

j. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can actually help you lose a lot of face fat. It tones your
jaw and cheek muscles. Chew sugar-free gum for about 15-20 minutes twice
a day.

k. Facial Massage

If you want to avoid chewing gum, massage your face with a tablespoon of
olive oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter, or fenugreek paste. If you
have oily skin, use a water-based face cream. You can also use grated
cucumber to massage your face. Start massaging from your chin, moving
upwards to your cheeks, with your palms in clockwise and
counter-clockwise direction.
Here is a video that will give you an idea on how to do face exercises.
Watch the video and follow the instructions to get rid of your double
As I mentioned before, keep in mind that you cannot lose fat only from a
particular area. You have to lose weight overall to get a slimmer face.
Here is what I would suggest you to do to lose that extra flab.

As I mentioned before, keep in mind that you cannot lose fat only from a
particular area. You have to lose weight overall to get a slimmer face.
Here is what I would suggest you to do to lose that extra flab.

As I mentioned before, keep in mind that you cannot lose fat only from a
particular area. You have to lose weight overall to get a slimmer face.
Here is what I would suggest you to do to lose that extra flab.

2. Exercise To Lose Excess Weight
The above-mentioned facial exercises can only help to a certain extent.
Excess body fat can also make your face look bloated. To make that
double chin disappear, you have to start exercising. Start by walking at
a medium pace, and then slowly advance to power walks. After four to
five days, you can start doing intermittent jogging and walking. When
you are more comfortable, start running. You can also join a gym, power
yoga, or dance class.

A consultation with your physician or fitness expert to know exactly how
much you should exercise daily. Physical exercise is very important for
everyone. It will keep you fit, make you more attentive, boost your
memory and immune system, and make you more confident. What is more
attractive than a confident woman?

So will it help if you exercise but don’t take care of what you eat? You
also have to eat right foods, at the right time, and in the right
portion size. The following diet chart will help you to control your
daily food intake.

3. Eat Healthy – Diet Chart
Exercising without eating right will get you nowhere. Eating the right
amount of carbs, fats, proteins, and dietary fiber is essential for
overall weight loss. If you do not lead an active life, you need to take
in at least 1,600 calories per day. If you are an active woman, you
need at least 2,200 calories per day. Lowering your calorie intake
drastically will put your body in the famine mode, where the body will
start storing whatever food it gets as fat. Therefore, crash dieting is
not a good option for you. It is very important that you eat foods that
are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Carbs and
fats are also essential for our body, and it is recommended to consume
them in the right amounts.

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