How to Get Skinny Fast (The Healthy Way)

wondered what the nutrition secrets of athletes or celebrities are?
Well now you don’t have to because below are 15 healthy habits to
incorporate into your own get-in-shape regimen that will not only help
you get skinny fast, but in the most healthiest way possible. For
starters, change your attitude about food. Lastly, your goal to get
skinny should come second because it’s more important to improve and
maintain your overall health. Keep in mind the following habits that has
helped me stay on track of my own weight loss goals:

1. Say “No” to a Rigid Diet

When most people start a diet, they usually eliminate foods or place
certain foods as off limits. You need not start a rigid diet to the
point of depriving yourself of foods you love. Focus on what you CAN
eat. I always say the secret on how to get skinny fast is accepting
diets don’t work.  You may want to consult a nutrition expert and update
your knowledge on foods laden with essential nutrients to help correct
years of poor diet.
If you keep labeling certain foods as off limits, you end up craving
for them even more. `Not eliminating certain foods’ does not mean
continuing to gorge on bad stuff, though. Regular consumption of
meat-containing fast food, for instance, can lead to accumulation of LDL
or bad cholesterol in the body. If you’re a coffee drinker or have a
sweet tooth, you need not abruptly stop the caffeine or sugar intake.
You can make sugar an occasional treat, but not a diet staple. Eat (or
drink) in moderation, and keep in mind other health tips, so read on.

 2. Find healthy alternatives for favorite foods

Healthy food substitutes can be easily obtained. All-natural food
stores in your neighborhood may offer a wide assortment of healthy
options that can replace old favorites and inflammation-causing and
cholesterol-laden ingredients in your meals.
If you cannot resist eating a slice of cake each day, opt for a
light, flavorful or even a sugar-free option. Just a few cautions,
though. You may be ditching high-fat foods and opting for low-fat
products, but some food manufacturers have added sugar to make their
offerings more palatable, causing some effects when consumed too much,
like making the body go haywire.
Avoid the pesky insulin spike that can be triggered by consumption of
simple carbohydrates. Instead of eating white rice everyday, go for
brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that has more nutrients and will keep
you fuller longer. Healthy fats are also important. Instead of regular
mayonnaise, choose a healthier condiment like mustard. To help control
blood sugar and support your weight loss plan, switch to safflower oil
or other healthy cooking oils.
Instead of regular ground beef, you may opt for extra lean. Choose
natural peanut butter over reduced-fat peanut butter that may contain
more sugar and additives. If you usually buy whole milk, switch to
part-skim milk. Instead of buying instant oatmal, get the steel-cut
type. Instead of flavored yogurt, go for plain yogurt and add a fresh
fruit or two with a little honey. Your body will benefit from the
friendly bacteria.
The list goes on, when considering health food substitutions. Turn to
authoritative health sites for a comprehensive guide to healthy
substitution. Even if you’re eating out, you can find healthier versions
of your favorite foods.

 3. Develop a routine and stick with it

It is easy for most people to begin a healthy eating plan, but
follow-through is important. You need to convince yourself that you can
lead an authentically healthy life, and it starts with a firm resolve to
get healthy & stay healthy. If you just tell yourself that you
really need to lose weight and begin eating carrots, greens, tofu and
brown rice, you need to stick to that healthy eating plan. Online
articles and videos may offer motivation and inspiration, but listening
to your body signals, realizing the benefits of healthy eating and
feeling a whole lot better, depend on you.
You can start developing a power eating plan by knowing which foods
can offer you antioxidant protection, which ones can give brain power
boost, and which ones can energize.  A high-performance nutrition plan
may incorporate your old favorites, like mixing ice-cream for instance
with a quality protein shake. The amount of not-so-healthy stuff can
gradually be reduced. Once your body gets accustomed to healthier foods,
you develop a taste for them and chances are, you will no longer yearn
for the unhealthy stuff.
Another routine you may want to start, after consulting with your
doctor, is a weight loss management program that’ll help you attain a
trimmer, healthier physique.

4. Reduce stress

Keeping stress at a minimum can benefit your body in many ways.
Stress, doctors say, inhibits the immune system. By beating stress, you
keep illnesses at bay. There are countless ways to reduce stress, like
listening to soothing music, yoga/meditation,
getting a massage, or going to the beach or some other tranquil place.
Most people melt away stress by sleeping or hanging out with friends.
Avoiding people who tend to drain your energy with their complaints and
problems may also be an effective way to reduce stress.
There are other natural ways to promote relaxation, like playing with
your pet, doing simple stretches, taking a stroll, and taking a break
from email, TV, cellphones, and other things that cause information
When overwhelmed by so many things to do, hit the pause button. You
can break down a huge task into small, manageable chunks,   Being more
aware of stress triggers — be it money, co-workers or bosses, health
issues, `toxic’ friends, and other factors — will help you manage them
and reduce stress.

5. Work through emotional issues caused by emotional obesity

You may project a strong persona, but there may be times when you
don’t feel fine, or you cannot seem to get it all together. You may go
home with feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, resentment, anger, or with
negative feedback loops. Instead of expending time on wishful thinking
or other non-productive stuff, you can look at your own emotions and
find a way to fix what’s bothering you.
Problems linked to you interpersonal relationships that contribute to
stress may prompt you to reach for comfort foods or overeat. This can
lead to weight gain. By learning how to manage your emotional problems,
you are in effect taking food issues and unhealthy weight gain out of
the equation.

6. Eat clean foods

Clean eating has far-reaching benefits. If you’ve long been eating
convenience foods or foodstuff like burgers, all that food can turn out
to be your enemy. You may begin to feel sick. Power eating is all about
putting good food in our body. Think organic produce. Think pork from
real pastured pigs with more omega-3s, and beef from grass-fed cows.
You can have fun even if you opt for all-natural or organic eats.
Just mix them up a bit. Instead of regular eggs, try free-range eggs
with more micronutrients, cooked & serve with other healthy eats.
Purchasing clean/wholesome foods may be costly, but they actually offer
more bang for the buck.

 7. Have an accountability system

When you’ve embarked on a weight loss regimen, remember that you are
accountable for your own actions. A fitness trainer, a nutritionist, or a
naturopathic doctor may help you. You can choose to be a fit & trim
product of your healthy decisions, rather than thinking that you are
destined to be fat.
Once you establish an orderly and healthy eating plan, you can devise
other ways to succeed in it. You may use a buddy system when working
out, to help you not only to lose the excess pounds but keep them off.
Once in a while, you may get lax and feel like indulging a bit. A
weight loss partner may remind you of your goals, but the decision to
reach a healthy weight ultimately depends on you.

8. Control your portions

For most people, portion control may seem easier said than done. Veer
away from super-sized meals and upsize offers. At buffets, it can be
pretty challenging to resist filling your plate with different kinds of
food, but think about how sick you’ll feel if you gorge. Let several
minutes pass after eating, before going back (if ever). When buying food
at the grocery store, read labels.
Remember that portion control is one effective way to blast fat, so
try not to ignore this tactic that can lead to a trimmer figure.

9. Tracking food

You can track your nutritional intake, which is not just a matter of
counting calories, using several ways. You can jot down what you
regularly ingest in a food diary. You can also use online tools to log
and track your food consumption. By tracking what you eat, you can more
easily get the right balance of nutrients.

10. Exercise!

Much has been said about the myriad health benefits of exercising.
Yet many people, including those who want to get skinny fast, need
constant reminders about how incorporating regular exercise in their
schedules will not only raise their metabolism and burn calories fast,
but also improve their overall wellness. When you attain a certain level
of fitness due to regular, vigorous activity, your mind also improves,
and you feel more responsive & enthusiastic about life. My favorite
gadget to have on hand is the Fitbit (great gift idea!) because it can tell me how active I’ve been throughout the day. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned.

11. Eat every few hours

Eating small meals frequently, which may be around five to six meals
each day, can help you control food cravings. It’s a time-tested
technique used by individuals concerned about their expanding
waistlines. You can ensure that each small meal you take has quality
protein like a hard-boiled egg. Complex carbohydrate like brown rice, a
piece of fresh fruit or vegetable, as well as nuts, are nutritious and
filling options.
Eating small meals several times a day will help keep your blood sugar under control.

12. Detoxify your body

Your body can better absorb the nutrients it needs if you’ve
lightened up the toxic load. Expelling toxins from the body can be done
by drinking lots of purified water and loading up on superfoods. Veggies
like artichoke, cabbage, kale, carrots and garlic help purge the liver
of toxins.
Blueberries, beets, avocados, beans, seeds (like chia seeds) and nuts
that contain important nutrients also help eliminate toxins from the
body. There are also detoxifying beverages, like green tea, that aid in
weight loss. Cut back on refined sugars, saturated fats, alcohol and

13. Hydrate your body

Staying hydrates keeps the body in good working condition. Drinking
enough fluids, including purified water, protein shakes, green tea and
freshly squeezed juices also help cleanse the body of toxins. Drinking
lots of water can also suppress appetite and aid in weight management.

14. Cook at home

If you cook at home, you have the upper hand in ensuring that you and
your family members will get sufficient nutrients. Cooking at home also
removes worry about hidden ingredients like gluten, which may trigger
an immune response.

15. Never stop trying

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working to blast
fat, seek professional help. Even if you’ve ruled out health issues,
don’t stop trying to reach a healthy weight.
There are products, foods, techniques, and experts who can guide you
towards getting a trimmer, healthier body. Seek help or devise an
all-natural plan tailor fitted for you, but don’t throw discipline &
determination out the door.

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