How to Get Rid of Warts, Moles, Age Spots and Skin Tag Using Natural Remedies

It would be really wonderful if we all had clear and glowing skin,
that’s something that we are all wishing for, but unfortunately in some
periods of our lives as a result of changing our lifestyle habits or
hormonal imbalance, we may suffer from some skin issues such as skin
tags, moles, skin breakouts and dark spots.

The first thing we all do to solve the problem is going to the pharmacy
and buying the most expensive skin care product because we believe is
the best way to get rid of the skin issues. But in this case our advice
would be to forget about the expensive products and to try some of these
homemade remedies.

So instead of going to the pharmacy you can visit the grocery store for
some cheap products that will make wonders to your skin. Cheap, easy
homemade remedies with fantastic results – you must try them!

Here are some skin issues and the product you can treat them with:


Moles can be result of sun exposure or genetics. They are very common
and can appear to both children and adults. The moles appear when the
cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of spreading all over the
skin. These cells are called malanocytes and they are the ones that make
the pigment that gives the natural color of the skin.


The most effective product in eliminating the moles is the garlic
extract or plain garlic. You just need to protect the skin around the
mole (using masking type or petroleum jelly) apply the garlic extract or
pressed garlic to the mole, cover it with a bandage and live it for 4
hours. We recommend to repeat this daily.

Baking soda and castor oil

You can also use mixture of castor oil and baking soda to eliminate
moles. Mix together both ingredients and you will get a gummy paste.
Cover the mole with the paste, bandage it and leave it overnight. Rinse
the area in the morning. For best results repeat the procedure every

Apple cider vinegar

The fastest way to remove a mole is using an apple cider vinegar. You
just need to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, put it on the
mole and leave it like that in the next 8 hours. You will notice that
the mole will blacken and fall off.


Warts are small, rough and hard growths and usually have similar color
like the rest of the skin. They are result of the human papilloma virus
(HPV). There are different ways to treat warts such as usage of
salicylic acid or freezing. These are our suggested solutions:


Using a banana peel is the easiest way to get rid of warts. All you need
to do is to rub the wart with banana peel every night for two weeks.

Pure raw honey

Rub honey on the wart before sleeping and cover it with a bandage. Warts eliminated in this way, will never appear again.


You can use the juice from the garlic or crushed garlic to remove a wart
in 2-3 weeks. You need to rub the crushed garlic on the wart, cover it
with bandage and leave it overnight. Or apply the juice from the garlic
on the wart twice a day.

Skin tags

These small pieces of skin that appear on the surface of the skin have
the same color as the skin and usually appear as result of rubbing skin
to skin. They can appear around the neck, upper chest, eyelids and
underarms. Skin tags are harmless and people usually remove them because
of cosmetics reasons.

Apple cider vinegar

Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and dab the skin tag. You can
leave it on the spot as long as you want. You will notice that the skin
tag will darken and will fall off by itself in few days.

Tea tree oil

Take a cotton ball, soak it with water and add few drops of tea tree
oil. Put the cotton ball on the skin and bandage it. If you want to see
results you need to repeat this 2-3 times a day for a month. It takes
some time but is the safest way to eliminate skin tags around the eyes.

Baking soda and Castrol oil

Mix both ingredients together until you get a paste. Put it on the skin
tag and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this 2-3 times a day. You can
store the paste in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

Dark spots

The cause of their appearance is not very clear but is believed that the
reason is the sun exposure and the aging liver. Dark spots or age spots
are actually discolored patches on the skin and they can appear on the
face, hands and forearms.


Lemon, known as a natural bleacher is excellent at removing the dark
spots. All you need to do is to put some lemon juice on a cotton ball
and rub the dark spot twice a day.

Aloe Vera

For this you need the inner gel from the plant. Apply the fresh gel on
the dark spot and leave it for a half hour. The great thing is that you
can grow it at your home as a house plant.


You need to juice or blend the onion and then put it on the dark spot.
Leave the onion for 10-15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat this every
day until you get the results.

Vitamin C serums

The organic, chemical free vitamin C serums contain active vitamin C and
are great for the skin. They will help you to get rid of the dark spots
very quickly.

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