How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair ?

Every woman has faced at least once with hair ingrown, which besides have poor aesthetics are painful, give you a feeling of embarrassment and thus prevents you expose your feet, ending its gates favorite pair shorts or skirt. Ingrown hairs occur when hair grows back into the skin, not to the surface. Most often, hair that is shaved, waxed, or plucked will grow back through the skin and toward the surface. Ingrown hairs are the result of irritation and excessive growth of hair that block and irritate hair follicles. Ingrown hairs produce painful irritation, redness and inflammation of the area, but in severe cases, ingrown hairs can leave a scar. When an ingrown hair develops, you may notice small, round bumps called papules or small, pus-filled bumps called pustules. In some cases, the skin around the ingrown hair may become darker. This is known as hyperpigmentation. You may also experience pain or itching around the area of the ingrown hair. Areas that may occur hairs under the skin most often are the thighs, knees or bikini line.Tips to get rid of ingrown hairs

– Apply products that contain salicylic acid on areas with ingrown hair, because it will help reduce redness and inflammation. You can apply warm compresses to the affected area with water. Soak a towel in hot water and keep it in the area for 15 minutes to soothe the skin. Also, these products will help exfoliate and moisturize the skin. In addition, these products can be applied on fresh areas without hair and so you prevent hair growth. Try an easy home scrub that does not irritate your skin.

– To prevent hair under the skin using an exfoliating product every time you shower. Opt for exfoliating gels based on salicylic acid, as are excellent and are indicated before shaving.

– In areas where you have grown hairs under the skin change the sense that you avoid shaving and waxing foams. Opt for creams specifically designed for sensitive areas.

– To keep your skin smooth it indicated that after waxing to make a milk bath, because it will soften skin and help eliminate dead cells, such as increased hair under the skin will not appear.

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