How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

It’s that time of year. The weather is warm, the windows are open
letting in a breeze, and the ants are joining us once again. It seems it
happens the same way every year. I see one of those little guys and
think it’s annoying. Then I turn around there are 10 or 20 ants. I can’t
seem to kill them fast enough. Although I will use bug spray on the
outside of our house, I really don’t like to use it inside. Especially
in our kitchen where we seem to get them the most.

am always looking for a natural (and inexpensive!) way to get rid of
ants. Over the years, I have tried quite a few different methods, and
these are a few of my favorites. So if you have those little buggers all
over your house check out these 5 great ways to get rid of ants

is one of the best ways to get rid of ants naturally. I have used it
multiple times with success. The downside to garlic is it smells. So, on
a hot day, you will be smelling that garlic all day long. I just set
out a small bowl with some minced garlic and the ants disappear. After a
couple of days, you can throw the garlic out and the ants should be

Cornmeal is
a very inexpensive way to kill off ants. Just lay out a small hill of
cornmeal and they will take it back to their home. The ants can’t digest
the cornmeal and they will all die. This is a good one to use if you
have small children or pets and don’t want them getting into garlic or
peppermint oil.

get rid of ants naturally with vinegar just mix up a spray bottle of 50
percent water and 50 percent vinegar. Spray all the ants and then wipe
them up. You can keep them from coming back by spraying down the
windowsills and doors where you see them coming in. It’s easy and quick
to do, plus you don’t have a mess.

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil is a great smelling way to get rid of ants. Just put a couple drops of peppermint oil
on a cotton ball and place by where the ants are. The ants will retreat
to where they came from and you will have a kitchen that smells

like the peppermint, cinnamon is a better smelling option to keep the
ants away. Just pick up some cheap ground cinnamon and sprinkle in the
areas that you have seen the ants. The ants will quickly leave and not
come back. It’s easy and smells great! It’s one of my favorite ways to
get rid of ants naturally.

Another good way of getting rid of the
ants is to keep your kitchen clean of any crumbs and dirty dishes. I am
not surprised that our ants came while our dishwasher was broken. I
wasn’t staying on top of washing each dish when we finished with it and
attracted some ants with our leftovers. By making sure that all the
crumbs and food is gone you will leave them looking somewhere else.

you have children or small pets you will still need to be careful where
you use these methods. My ants are usually on the kitchen counter, so I
don’t have to worry about putting garlic out for the ants. When I have
ants on the floor I use the vinegar method so the dogs don’t get into
any food.

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