How To Do Eye Makeup With Tips and Trends

Eye makeup isn’t just about a winged eyeliner or a cat-eye anymore.
It has only gotten bigger and grander. Here, we give you a lowdown on
all things eye makeup. Consider this your all-access guide – from
getting the right eye makeup look to the correct way to applying it to
the best eye makeup trends that changed the eye makeup game.

Tips & Tricks For Right Eye Makeup


1. Always Use Primer

An eye primer creates a clean canvas for you to work with, and it acts as a barrier between your eye makeup and the natural oils in your skin. That way, your eye makeup stays put so you can keep touch-ups to a minimum.

2. Decode Your Palette

Here is a general breakdown of your basic eye makeup palette to help you decide what colours correspond to each part of your eye.

Lightest Color:
This is your base color. Apply this shade from your upper lash line all
the way to just beneath your brow. You can also use this color in the
inner tear duct corner of your eye where the shadow is deepest to add a
bit of brightness.

Second Lightest: This is your
lid color, as it’s slightly darker than the base. Brush this over your
lid from your upper lash line to your crease.

Second Darkest: This is applied to the crease for a contouring effect. This should go over the area where your brow bone meets your lid — it helps to create definition.

Darkest Color:
Finally, the liner. Using an angled brush, apply to your upper lash
line (and lower lash line if you want a bold boost), making sure to
brush where the root of your lashes meets your lid so there is no
visible gap.

3. Highlight

Highlight the inner corner of your eyes for an ultra-glam look. Take a light shimmery eyeshadow and tap on the inner corner of the eye and blend well.

4. Make Colours More Vibrant With White Shadow.

If you really want to make your eye makeup pop, apply a
white base first. Blend a white pencil or eyeshadow all over your lid
and then apply your shadow on top for more vibrant color.

5. Clean Your Makeup Fixes

After you’re done with your eye makeup, take a Q-tip dipped in micellar
water and wipe off any smudges and clean up the lines to look sharper.

6. Choose Your Eye Makeup Formula Wisely

Pressed eyeshadows are your basic, most common formula. They’re a
mess-free option. Cream shadows are ideal if you want a dewy sheen. 
Loose shadows usually come in a small pot but are the messiest of the

7. Picking The Right Brushes For Eye Makeup

Here are the three most important ones you should own
Basic Eyeshadow Brush: The bristles are flat and stiff, and you use this for all-over colour.
Blending Brush: The bristles are soft and fluffier for seamless blending.
Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This is a precision brush that is perfect for applying your liner above your lash line.

Tip: If you are a beginner, make sure to opt for eye makeup looks that you are comfortable with and do not experiment.

Eye Makeup For Every Skin Tone

Eye Makeup For Every Skin Tone

Fair Skin Tone

A nude eye makeup look with warm, earthy colors like
gold and bronze will always suit light skin tones, as well taupe, rose
gold and champagne hues. Softer shades of plum and green can also be
worn in shimmery finishes.

Medium Skin Tone

Warm and illuminating colours like bronze, copper, honey and gold suit
this skin tone. Highly-pigmented and metallic finishes are recommended.
Rich blues will stand out on a warmer medium skin tone, while cool
undertones should opt for grey or lavender to enhance their look.

Olive Skin Tone

Golden browns will play up your natural skin colour, but rich jewel shades like royal blue, emerald green, rich plum – even burnt orange – will really make your complexion pop.

Dark Skin Tones

Rich colours like a vibrant purple or bright indigo blue will pop against your skin. Brightly colored liquid eyeliners are also a must. Shades of burgundy and warm golds are good neutral choices for your skin tone.

Tip: Nude hues always win for a stunning day look and also suit every skin tone.

Get This Eye Makeup Look

How To Do Eye Makeup With Tips and Trends

The Look – Electric Gaze

Let your eyes do the talking with hypnotic hues. Skip the basic black kohl, and play up your eyes with neon-coloured eye makeup.
This effervescent trend is sure to catch the spotlight wherever you go.
Disha Patani shows us how to mesmerize them all with shocking blue eyes and candy lips.


Face: Follow CTM routine to prep
your skin. Dab on a pore minimizing primer; proceed with mattifying
foundation. Touch up blemishes and discoloration using a concealer pen.
Finally, pick a translucent setting powder of your choice to set the

Cheeks: Opt for a creamy highlight and
contour. Avoid shimmery formulas as you want the skin to look fresh with
a matte effect. Choose a rosy powder blush; spread it on the apples of
your cheeks.

Eyes: Fill in the brows with eyebrow
pomade; blend it out using a spoolie brush. Apply an electric blue eye
pencil on the upper and lower lash line; make sure the eye pencil is
worn bold. Add a copious amount of volumising mascara to your lashes.

Lips: Exfoliate lips with a lip scrub
to get rid of chapped skin. Moisturise using the hydrating balm for a
smooth pout. Apply a liquid matte lipstick in candy pink to finish the

Make it Your Own

For Work: Spread eyeliner over the lids with
the help of a sponge brush; do not go over the crease, and ensure the
edges are clean and the wings precise. Wear a neutral lip colour.

For a Wedding: Apply silver eyeshadow to the lids, and adhere to false eyelashes. Highlight your features with liquid highlighter. Flaunt a pearlescent rose lipstick.

For a Date: Opt for a dewy base. Smudge the eyeliner for a smoky effect. Use a rose gold highlighter. Drench your pout in berry lip gloss.

Tip: Play with different colours like yellows and oranges to amp up the drama.

Bold Eyes

Bright, bold and bright eye makeup always makes for a stunning beauty look. Shades of electric blue, yellows and oranges made its way into everyone’s eye makeup palette.

Glossy Lids

Gloss wasn’t just restricted to the face but glossy eye makeup is a trend that was seen everywhere – from the runways to celeb looks.

Extreme Eyeliners

Exaggerated and dramatic eyeliners are taking over the eye makeup game this year. Be it reversed eyeliner, extended wings, or graphic eyeliner.

Eye Makeup Glitter Eyes

Glitter Eyes

A little sparkle on the eyes is all one needs for a stunning glow. Glittering eyes with a shimmery pout is the highlight of this season and, we are not complaining.

Eye Makeup Colour Play

Colour Play

Life is always better with a pop of colour and this trend showcased how there is more than one way to rim the eyes. Eyeliners in multiple shades are quite a rage and look uber chic.

Two-Tone Eyes

Two-Tone Eyes

Why play with just one hue when you can amp up the drama on the eyes with two-tone eye makeup. Play with colours of pinks, blues and oranges.

Eye Makeup Metallic Eyes

Metallic Eyes

Add a futuristic touch to your eyes with the metallic eye makeup look. The trend is all about using holographic hues on the eyes.

Tip: Combine the trends by adding glitter to coloured eyes for a dramatic beauty moment.


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