How To Cure An Eye Infection In Just 24 Hours With This Home Remedy?

He said that he was struggling against an eye infection, known as
Chalazion cysts, situated on the upper eyelids. He made sure to bring
the boiling solution to a normal temperature so that it didn’t hurt or
injure his eyes. He used eye cups to wash his infected eye with the
solution throughout the day and it actually acted as a healing agent to
the eye problem, which he has been suffering from, for almost 24 months
at a stretch. Since he found this simple and no cost solution to have a
miraculous effect, Wayne Goss, the patient and the creator uploaded his
fight against the problem on the web.


It is surprising to find that easily available kitchen items can do
wonders in treating an eye infection that even expensive ointments fail
to do. It might sound surprising, but this is a fact and it has been
proved by a man named Wayne Goss, who treated his eye infection. He
shared his story regarding the eye infection and how it affected him for
nearly two years before he came up with an excellent solution right at
his home. You can certainly take cues from him on how to cure an eye

The most surprising fact was that the eye problem that was troubling
him for so long had an easy and rather very simple and mundane solution.
You won’t believe he used only boiling water and a few teaspoons of
salt to come up with the magical solution that actually healed his eye
infection within a short time span of twenty four hours.



This is basically a lump that occurs in both the upper and lower
eyelids due to the blocked oil glands. In majority of the cases, this
eye infection will go away without any treatment, but often like Wayne’s
case, it might stay there for years especially when proper treatment is
not conducted. It might become so large in size that it may completely
block your vision as you won’t be able to open your lids. In certain
cases, Chalazion cysts occur due to skin cancer.

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  • Highly sensitive to light
  • A lump on the upper or lower eyelid that you have never experienced before
  • Blurred vision
  • Tender and soft spot of the affected eyelid
  • Increased tears

These are some of the early signs and symptoms of the eye infection.
You can try out Wayne Goss’s method of treating the problem the moment
you start experiencing any of the symptoms. But, you should ask your
doctor, before you apply this solution, because only you or him, are
best judges of your situation.


Since the cyst will create pressure in your eyes alongside
irritation, redness, swelling and even pain, people often go under the
knife. One of the most common ways to get rid of Chalazion cysts is via a
method in which the eye surgeon will turn your eyelids inside out and
will make small slits in the eyelids. You can completely get rid of the
problem. But you will be suggested rest with a bandaged eye for a few
days before you begin your normal life activities.

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