How To Burn Belly Fat Fast – 7 Detox Drink To Reduce Belly Fat

to know how to burn belly fat fast? In this post, I have 7 detox drink
to help you reduce belly fat and have a thinner good looking tummy.

drinks are some of the best detox drinks that have been reported to
work like magic. Although I don’t know much about magic, I know that
they are very capable of burning gut fat.

But before we go any deeper, let’s take a look at what could because of your problem.


The Root Cause Of Belly Fat


Being exposed to life stress can lead to weight gain and developing belly fat in different ways.

Stress and psychological vulnerability can cause cortisol imbalance. The cortisol exposure can then lead to you accumulating a lot of abdominal fats.

eating is also associated with weight gain and belly bloating. This is
because people love to expose themselves to foods such as ice cream and donuts when they are stressed.

I’m guilty of this too! But I always bounce back by doing a sugar detox.


was very skeptical about whether to include this one or not but then
since it’s another cause and very common, I figured why not!

There are those who see belly bloating as an early sign of pregnancy. This is true, meaning that there is nothing you can do about it instead of waiting for your beautiful little angel to arrive.

But then something happens after the baby is born. You get to experience the post-baby belly. 

lot of people never really recover from this. Some start doing crunches
right away, and when they realize that crunches are not as effective as
they thought they would be, they just forget about the idea.

There are posts out there that can help you lose that post-baby belly. You can check it out here!

Alcohol Intake

consider alcohol my worst enemy. I may like how I feel after consuming
alcohol, I know for sure that it does more harm to my body than good.

fact, the buzz I get to feel after drinking a few beers is nothing
compared to what I will have to go through after drinking it.

Since alcohol is one of the foods high in simple processed sugar, which means that it is also high in calories.

means that when you drink a lot of alcohol, you end up getting a lot of
calories. These calories will end up being stored as fat in your body.


Getting a Low Protein Diet

If you are on a low protein diet, you might experience an increase in your appetite and not in a good way.

is because when your body starts to lack protein, it begins to try and
motivate you to find something to eat so that it can restore your
protein status.

And since the supply of food that you have is
probably filled with foods that are high in calories, you end up eating
those foods, which will then result in you developing big belly fat.

If you want to lose weight or belly fat, don’t go for foods that are low in protein. Do the opposite.


Ageing & Meno-pause

Women who are much older, tend to have bigger bellies. This is because when we age, a lot of changes occur in our bodies.

Others experience a change in hair color, wrinkles, and in this case, belly fat.

you age as a woman, estrogen levels drop, and hormones start to
fluctuate causing the weight to start building around your tummy.

is due to the decline in the rate of metabolism which means that the
body starts to burn fewer calories. And this can happen even in your
early 30’s.

Experiencing these changes is normal but that doesn’t
mean that you cannot have the looks you desire. All you need to do is to
work extra hard.

Zero Activity

Not exercising is not only bad for you, but it can have some awful consequences in the long run.

are a lot of negative side effects of not working out, being
overweight, and having a flabby body is just the tip of the iceberg.

I know some of you may say something like, ” but I don’t have the time to go to the gym“. Who said anything about going to the gym huh?

You see, being active does not require having a gym membership. Waking up early in the morning and taking a little jog before taking a shower and leaving to work or taking kids to school is not that hard to do.

And you don’t have to do it each and every day, 2 or 3 times a week will do.

will not just help you burn belly fat, but it will help you reduce the
risk of suffering a heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure, stiff
joints and you will also have a lot of energy.

So What Will Happen If You Do Nothing About Your Belly Fat?

As you may already know, abdominal fat is super ugly. That is why a lot of people are so self-conscious about showing off their bodies on the beach.

that is not the only danger that comes with abdominal fat. You see,
excess belly fat can become the number 1 trigger that brings deadly
diseases into your life.

In short, believe it or not, belly fat can decrease your life span.

So how can you avoid this deadly disease called belly fat? Well, you can start by using these few effective drinks.

7 Basic Detox Drinks To Burn Belly Fat

#1 Cucumber Drink

First off, let’s start with the cucumber juice. When you do a body detox using cucumber, you can easily cleanse and release toxins from your system.

Since cucumber does not contain a lot of calories, it can be a great substance for your flat belly. This is because they contain a higher percentage of water within.

This water can help you cool down and keep you hydrated.

#2 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits when used wisely and one of those benefits is losing belly fat.

This is because apple cider vinegar contains Acetic Acid. This acetic acid, also known as the short-chain fatty acid dissolve in your body and become hydrogen and acetate.

This acetic acid is the one that promotes fat loss and help in losing belly fat.

Apple cider vinegar also promotes fullness which means that when you take apple cider vinegar you will decrease your calorie intake.

But you must be careful because if you misuse apple cider vinegar you might end up getting side effects.

#3 Grapefruit

is not just low in calories, it contains a lot of nutrients. That is
why I think it’s incredibly healthy food to keep in your diet.

fact, when you take it as a drink, you’ll realize that it is a rich
source of some of the most powerful antioxidants which are responsible
for helping in burning belly fat.

But hang on, it doesn’t end there. Grapefruit juice also contains a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

#4 Water or Lemon Water

I had a bit of belly fat, the lemon water juice was my go-to and it
really helped. When I started drinking this beverage, I started to
realize that I was becoming more and more hydrated.

My skin also started to change and became and improve in quality. Not just that, but my digestion also improved. I started having normal bowel movements.

Then my waistline started to shrink, as well as my bloated tummy. That’s the moment where I fell in love with this drink.

Then I went on and did some digging and found that lemon water is a good source of Vitamin C. I also found that it can also prevent kidney stones.

You Can Also Implement Some Smoothies!

#5 Carrot Spinach Milky Smoothie

the name of the smoothie might be new to you because I just made it up.
But do not be fooled, because the name of the smoothie is irrelevant.

What I love about this smoothie are the benefits you get from drinking it.

This weird smoothie is rich in many essential nutrients. These nutrients may include potassium, Vitamin C, and folate.

These nutrients may help you decrease your blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease.

#6 Choco – Peanut – Banana Smoothie

is my favorite smoothie because it doesn’t just taste good but it can
easily fill me up. Which means that it can reduce my calorie intake.

Not only that, but it can also help me by satisfying my chocolate cravings through cacao nibs.

as the name suggests, it also contains banana which is an appetite
suppressor. It also provides vital nutrients that your body needs.

#7 Berry Combo Smoothie

Last but not least, berry combo smoothie. Another one of the best smoothies I love.

are known to be high in fiber and contain a lot of nutrients. They may
also help you improve your blood sugar and insulin response.

berries can also help you with an increase in your metabolic rate and
curb your appetite. In fact, it can reduce the amount of calorie intake
just like other drinks that I mentioned in this post.

Can Drinking These Drinks Alone Help You Lose Weight?

YES. But does this mean you should spend each and everyday drinking these drinks? Hell no!

But you need to be mindful of what goes in your mouth because some foods can hinder your weight loss.

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