How To Be Pretty (Inside And Out)

What makes a person beautiful? Is it their outfit? Plump lips? Or
maybe it’s their confidence? While these things might help, there are
other, more meaningful ways of being more beautiful! Most of us want to
know how to be pretty, and I know it sounds so cliche, but a lot of it
really does come from within!

notice that ‘average’ looking woman walk in to a room and light it up?!
Everyone’s drawn to her energy. That’s because attraction is much more
than skin deep. And we all want to feel attractive!

beautiful, inside and out improves your self esteem and your self
confidence. We are all beautiful, but sometimes we just need a little
help seeing it!

What Makes A Person Beautiful?

people take care of themselves! When you take care of yourself, you’ll
be happier, more confident and therefore- more I gorgeous!

When Was The Last Time You Really Felt Beautiful?

What were you doing? What were you wearing? Where were you? Who were you with? And why did you feel beautiful?

are you indulged in a little self-care, felt confident and were
SMILING! All things that make you feel- beauty! Your clothes probably
made you feel great, and maybe you were with people you love! Surround
yourself with people who make you feel beautiful and confident! Beauty
is a feeling that actually comes from within. It’s not a look!

Here are 8 tips that will have you feeling and looking great!

How To Be Pretty

  • De-stress. Beautiful
    people know how to manage stress! Stress wrecks havok on your
    appearance!! Our skin reacts to stress with inflammation, decreased
    blood flow, allergic reactions such as hives, acne, rosacea and weigh
    gain. Your skin also becomes dry and thin, and more prone to damage. Source.
    Meditation and relaxation can help calm your mind and body. If you
    suffer from psoriasis or rosacea, you know the power stress has over
    your skin condition- causing flare ups… and more stress:( Beautiful
    People don’t let the little things get to them! I know, easier said than
    done! Essential oils help me de-stress!
  • Get Adequate Sleep.
    Beautiful people make Sleep a priority! You can’t feel gorgeous when
    you’re groggy! This is so important when it comes to your overall health
    and well-being. It’s hard to feel beautiful with dark circles and blood
    shot eyes. Poor sleep quality can lead to increased stress, breakouts,
    anxiety and even depression.
  • Hydrate. Beautiful people
    hydrate! If you’re thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. Make
    sure you carry a bottle of water around to sip on to stay hydrated
    throughout the day. Hydrated skin is plump, glowing and gorgeous! You
    should aim for 8 cups a day, and no coffee does not count– sorry:(
  • Take care of your body. Beautiful
    people take care of their body! Ten minutes of exercise a day is better
    than none! If you don’t have time to go to the gym, just set aside 10
    minutes a day to do a simple stretch, or go for a walk around the block.
    Get your body moving! Eat healthy, vibrant foods. You are what you eat!
  • Give a compliment. Beautiful people make other’s feel
    good! TRY IT! When you compliment someone else, somehow you instantly
    feel better about yourself! Helping others is a beautiful thing!
  • Proper skin care. Beautiful
    people take care of their skin. When it comes to beauty products – I
    make my skin, my top priority before fashion, makeup or hair care etc. I
    consider it an investment because I’m going to in it for the rest of my
    life and great skin, unlike shoes, never goes out of style. We aren’t
    all born with the good skin gene. Many of us suffer from acne, oily
    skin, dry skin, wrinkles or psoriasis causing embarrassment, low-esteem
    and stress. Which in turn wreck further havoc on our skin and hair. It’s
    a vicious cycle.
  • Be confident! Beautiful people are
    comfortable with themselves. Wear what makes you happy! Try new things
    and find your personal style. Confidence is not just something you feel
    inside, it shows on the outside! What makes you unique is what makes you
    beautiful! Own it!
  • Smile! Beautiful people smile!
    You’ll instantly look prettier with a smile! And if you take proper care
    of your teeth, even better! Pearly whites will definitely make you look
    healthy and vibrant!

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