How low confidence affects the quality of our skin

From time to time everyone gets in a state when he wakes up in the
morning and nothing just seems to go right. From the hair which you
cannot fix, to irritated skin. But, have you had a bad day which lasted a
bit longer?

What’s the cause

Stress can affect the looks – When you notice you don’t look fresh when
you wake up and that same situation has repeated itself the next morning
as well, you start to think pessimistically. You are wondering what is
going on and why you cannot do anything right. These negative thoughts
make the situation worse – says psychiatrist Christoff Andre.

“When you are under stress, the blood goes directly to the organs and
makes us react differently. The skin is not hydrated properly and is not
nurtured. This is not a serious problem when it’s in small doses, but
if it progresses – it becomes one.”

Build up your confidence – “To feel good about your physical looks is
one of the most important factors which generally affect a person’s
level of confidence.  –says Andre. Beauty is unique for every person and
it’s an element that causes you to have a “bad day”.

This feeling will not last forever.

Apart from the usual advice like:

  • Spending time in the gym
  • Socialising with your friends
  • Avoiding food rich on sugar
  • Dairy products which cause inflammations

Even if you feel good about your looks and your condition. This feeling
will not last forever – states the doctor. You need to be aware that
it’s normal to feel good about your look for a certain time, but you
might not after a certain amount of time. But this certainly shouldn’t
be a cause for you to punish yourself.

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