Here’s What Your Body Does During Your Sleep

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly your body does while you’re fast
asleep, and what it all means, wonder no more. We’re about to clear
that one up for you.


Here is a list of the top 10 most bizarre things your body actually does once you fall asleep:

1. Paralysis

Nope, not kidding.

During REM, or “rapid eye movement”, the brain starts dreaming, so the muscles that move our upper and lower limbs are temporarily paralyzed. B Which, FYI, is totally normal, no worries, it has no lasting effects.

2. Eye Movements

As we said earlier, during the REM
stage, or we can use its full name – ‘rapid eye movement’ – your eyes
start moving left and right rapidly. It takes a person around 70 to 90
minutes to reach the REM stage. But, just like our dreams, we have no
memory of the eye movement that’s happening.

3. Jerks

This phenomenon is called hypnic jerks, and it’s
the sensation of falling or getting killed or tripping and suddenly
waking up. This is absolutely normal, even common, actually. This could
be happening because our bodies misinterpret falling asleep with actual ‘falling’, so, to prevent you from hurting yourself, it jerks you.

4. Growth Hormone

HGH, aka human growth hormone, helps regenerate the muscles,
bones, and all tissues that get worn out during the day. This essential
hormone is only released after we’re fallen sound asleep. So, when mom
says ‘you need your beauty sleep’, trust her.

5. Teeth Grinding

The technical doctory term for teeth grinding is ‘bruxism’, and it
can happen to many people once they’ve fallen asleep. Sometimes even
stress is the indicator. Some people even end up with worn or cracked
enamel and a tender, sore jaw.

6. Throat Constrictions

That’s where the snoring comes in the picture. When we sleep, it’s
normal for our throat muscles to relax and that way the throat narrows
slightly, but if it narrows more than it should, then the person starts
to snore. It can be also due to many other factors, but this is just one
of the many.

7. Making Up Stories

You can have stories while you’re asleep, you can dream so vividly,
that after some time has passed, you won’t be able to tell the
difference between the dream and reality. Everything will feel real to

8. Slowing Down Kidneys  

Less urine is produced while we sleep because the brain slows down
the function of the kidneys. That’s why first thing in the morning you
need to pee and your urine is darker and more concentrated than normal.

9. Talking 

Sleep talking is also known as ‘somniloquy’, and it happens in only
5% of the world population. Usually, more men experience it than women,
and also more children experience it than adults. In adulthood, sleep
talking can be also caused due to depression, stress, or ongoing

10. Explosions

It’s pretty rare, but it can happen – people have experienced
something like ‘exploding head syndrome’, where they report hearing some
very loud bangs or crashes, somewhat like an explosion –  when they’re
just about to fall asleep. It’s painless but extremely scary. More
commonly it occurs in people over the age of 50.



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