Health Benefits of Coconut Oil and Its Uses

Simply said, coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils that can be used
in the diet, the safest cosmetic product in the market, and required
component of everyone’s drug locker. Today we will learn more about the
health benefits of coconut oil and its uses.

is composed of about 50% of lauric acid, the same acid found in breast
milk, which actually is the only other good known source of lauric acid.
This acid, gives the coconut oil an amazing antiviral, antifungal and
antibacterial properties, and is useful both, for internal and external
use. Coconut is rich in nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


studies have shown that, the consumption of coconut oil can be very
useful to our body, to build resistance to viruses (which cause
influenza, measles, hepatitis, herpes) and bacteria (responsible for
ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and
gonorrhea), also fungal infections and candida. It also positively
affects on the thyroid, and controls the blood sugar.

oil contains a healthy form of saturated fat, which means its
consumption helps in speeding up the metabolism, while giving more
energy (fuel for the brain and muscles) and greater stamina. All these
affect in the loss of excess weight, and maintain a healthy and balanced

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