Have Trouble Sleeping? You’re Probably Lacking These 5 Vitamins

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on the vitamins we take in.
Vitamin deficiency can cause unrestful sleep, insomnia and sleep apnea.
Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer from insomnia? Well, maybe
you’re lacking some vitamins.

Here are the 5 vitamins you might be lacking, that can affect your sleep:

1. Iron

deficiency can cause the syndrome of restless legs, which can cause
pain during the night. The constant pain can be relieved momentarily by
constant jerking of the legs, but this condition can definitely disturb
your sleep.
2. Vitamin B

Vitamin B
contains folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin. These essential
ingredients provide support of the immune system, central nervous system
and skin. Vitamin B deficiency can also affect sleep, cause insomnia
and depression.
3. Potassium

is great for people that have sleeping problems. Scientists have proven
that people who take potassium chloride supplements sleep better.
4. Vitamin E

E is an incredible solution for people that suffer from sleep
disorders. It has been proven that sleep apnea generally occurs in
people who have a Vitamin E deficiency. If you suffer from sleep apnea,
make sure you take enough Vitamin E.
5. Magnesium
produces Melatonin, which is a crucial hormone that helps your body
fall asleep. If your sleep is prevented by muscle tension, magnesium can
help you solve the problem. Magnesium helps the production of an amino
acid GABA that relaxes the central nervous system and help us get to

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