Hair Goals: 5 Hacks to Grow Hair Faster

Long hair, don’t care? Or more like… long hair, please share?
If you’ve had your mind on growing out a beautiful
Rapunzel-meets-Princess-Jasmine-mane, you’ve come to the right place. To
grow your hair faster whilst being healthy, long, and thick can be a
struggle. Sometimes it takes months, other times it can take YEARS to
achieve your goal length. And.. let’s be real, who really wants to wait a
few years before getting those locks you desire? Before you give up on
the natural-long-hair dream, and opt-in to extensions – give some of
these hacks a try. Everything from must-use oils, to hair clip secrets,
we’ve compiled 5 of the best hair hacks when it comes to growing
healthy, thick, and long hair – fast!

1. Stop Using Heat

heard it once and I’ll say it again. Rule number one to grow hair
faster: stop using excess heat on your hair. If using heat styling tools
on the daily is second nature to you, it’s time to take a break. We’re
saying boy bye to blow-dryers, straighteners, and curlers on the daily.
Sounds nearly IMPOSSIBLE for anyone that uses heat on the regular,
right? Sorry to break it to you sister, but using heat everyday on your
hair is a big no-no when it comes to your hair health. Heat damages your
hair, dries it out, and causes breakage.

If you truly can’t
live without your heat styling tools, try breaking into the habit
slowly. If you’re someone that washes their hair, blow-dries it
immediately, and uses a straightener immediately after, try skipping out
on one of the steps in the short term. Let your hair air dry naturally,
and straighten it after the fact, taking off a bit of heat pressure on
your hair.

Or, if you’re someone that wants to do this cold
turkey – commit yourself to a no-heat 30-day challenge. There’s really
no doubt you’ll see a difference in your hair after leaving it natural
for 30 days. Long hair, here we come!
2. Lay Off on the Hair Dye

much as you want to lighten up your locks for that cute balayage look
this summer, the next step to grow hair faster is to lay off the bleach.
Especially for the girls looking to go lighter, bleaching is a surefire
way to damage your hair. If you’re looking to lighten – be sure to do
it gradually in steps, with the right hair colourist. Any stylist that’s
willing to take you from jet black hair to bleach blonde in one session
is one that you want to avoid. It takes time to lighten up, and it’s
important to take good care of your locks throughout the process.

if you want to grow hair fast and get that desired length as quick as
you can, you have a way better chance of eliminating breakage and
thinning hair by avoiding hair dye all together. Give your hair a break
from the colour and let it replenish itself naturally. The less you
bother your hair, the more likely it is to maintain its shine and glow.
3. Start Using Hair Oils – ASAP!

are a great way to replenish, moisturize, and strengthen your hair. But
the key here is to use 100% natural oils – NOT serums and “oil blends”
mixed with chemicals that you buy at the drugstore. Coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil
are all AMAZING for hair growth and health. After you shower, simply
mix a blend of all 4 of the oils and massage onto your hair (starting
at the ends) while damp. Be sure not to overuse – a little goes a long

Alternatively, you can create a coconut oil hair mask, soak
your hair for a few hours in it, and wash it out (a better option if
you have thinner hair, and your hair tends to get greasy quicker).
4. Hair Tie-Off, Hair Clip On

simple trick that a lot of gals don’t know: replace your hair ties with
a hair clip instead. Tying your hair tightly on a consistent basis can
pull the hair on your scalp. Tying it tightly in the same area on the
regular can actually cause your hair to fray in the same spot. Change up
the way you tie your hair by braiding it, twisting it, putting it in a
bun, etc. – and secure it with a clip.

A clip keeps your hair
out of your face, and doesn’t come with the potential damage of a hair
tie. If you’re someone that sleeps with your hair tied up, try twisting
it into a bun, and clipping the hair at the top of your hair so it’s
totally comfortable. Not sure what type of clips to use? We’re linking
out to some of our FAV clips that do just the trick for thinner hair, and the ones that are perfect if you have thick hair. You’ll see the same clips used by professionals at the salon too, and there’s a reason why: they’re the bomb-dot-com!

5. Take Longer Breaks Between Washing to Grow Hair Faster

gross, we know! As nice as it is to have clean, fresh hair, every
single day – if you’re looking to grow hair faster – don’t wash it
everyday. When you wash your hair with shampoo, you’re removing natural
oils (otherwise known as sebum)
that help keep your locks moisturized. Over-shampooing can dry out your
hair, leading to breakage. How often you should wash your hair depends
on a few factors. If your hair is generally more thin, or you’re doing a
heavy workout – you may need to wash it everyday. BUT, try to at least
up that interval to every other day. If you’ve got thicker, less oily
hair, you can likely avoid a full hair wash for a few days.

there you have it! Implement these hair hacks into your routine to grow
hair faster, and get those long locks that you SO deserve!

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