Get Rid of Saddlebags With These 9 Simple Exercises

The rolls of fat on a woman’s thigh, also called saddlebags, are
mistakenly thought to be a part of the natural buildup of fat. They grow
on your upper thighs making your pelvic area broader. Regular work outs
targeting these areas can make them disappear. Don’t get discouraged if
they don’t go away immediately or even within two weeks. Exercise must
be done continuously if you wish to say farewell to saddlebags for

How To Burn The Fat On Your Upper Thighs?

1. Step Ups
Get yourself a steady stool or a sturdy
block. They should be tall enough to place your calf and thigh at a
ninety-degree angle when you put your foot on them. Start by standing
straight and then lift one foot and place it on the block. Next, bring
up the other foot and stand straight on the stool. Then step down using
the foot that you began with. Next step down completely and resume your
starting pose. Do thirty reps. You can vary this workout after you’ve
done it for a fortnight. Always wear shoes so that you don’t end up
hurting your toes.

2. Hip Dip On Side Plank

Though this is not easy for those who are just starting out, they
really help with this particular part of your thighs. While lying on
your side, slowly lift only your upper body using the support of your
elbow till you reach a thirty-degree angle. Next gradually bring up your
hips using both your elbow and your feet. Hold your body at thirty
degrees for five seconds before lowering your hips. Repeat on both
sides. Do it regularly for about four or five weeks.

3. Sumo Squats
Also called plie squats, avoid this
exercise if you have serious problems with your spine. Begin by standing
straight and keeping a distance of shoulder-length between your feet.
Toes must be pointed a little away from your body. Lower your body till
the underside of your knees is perpendicular to your calves and thighs.
Stay like this for a few seconds and then raise your body back up. Do
this at least twenty times for one routine. Make sure you get a few
minutes of rest after each set.

4. Donkey Kick

Get a yoga mat for this exercise so that your knees aren’t
unnecessarily strained. Go down on all fours and keep your back
straight. Lift your left leg up behind you, while keeping it bent, so
that it is parallel to the roof. Stay in this pose for ten seconds and
then bring your leg back down. Do these fifteen times with both legs.
Don’t stretch too much immediately. You can stretch more as you get
acquainted with it otherwise you might end up tearing a muscle.

5. Side Kicks
for slimming down your body, start side-kicks by going down on your
hands and knees. Ensure that your whole body is in a straight line.
Keeping your thigh straight, raise your right knee and kick outwards.
The raised leg must be parallel to the ground. Stay in this pose for a
couple of seconds. Resume your initial pose by bringing your leg back.
Do this for a minimum of fifteen times with each leg.

6. Jump Squats

Not only will you be burning a lot of calories, but jump squats also
make your body look toned. Begin by lowering your body into a squat.
Then, with your hands pointing upwards, jump as high as you can. When
you land back, ensure that your landing flows into another squat. Start
by doing thirty and do more after a couple of weeks. If you have back
issues, be very careful with this exercise.

7. Booty Kick
Keep your hands on your hips and your feet
wide and then, balance on one leg while kicking backwards with the
other. Your knees must not bend throughout this process. The aim is to
keep stretching your leg out behind you while holding your body
straight. Resume your initial position but do not put your leg down.
Kick back out once more. Keep repeating this exercise fifteen times and
then switch to the other leg.

8. Superman Pose

down on your belly on a clean yoga mat. Stretch your arms out in front
of your head while keeping your knees straight and toes down. Count to
three, breathe, and raise all four of your limbs at the same time. They
must all be held straight. Maintain this posture for ten seconds. Then
exhale and drop your limbs down.

9. Clam Series
Lying on your side, keep your hips and
knees at a forty-five-degree angle. The upper part of your pelvis must
be away from your face so that you can raise your lower pelvis from the
floor. Maintain this pose, put your heels together and raise your top
knee. Don’t allow your pelvis to shift. Do this on both sides.

exercises will effectively get rid of the fat on your thighs. Follow
them on a regular basis and notice the difference yourself!

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