Gargle With One Simple Ingredient And See What Happens To Your Teeth!

On the market you can find many products that will help you to make your
teeth white, but either they will be not so effective or they will come
along with side effects.And why to waste money on these products when
you have an amazing natural product that will help you to make and keep
your teeth white.

That product is apple cider vinegar. It will eliminate all bacteria in
the oral cavity, it will remove strains and your teeth will be white as
never before!

All you will have to do is to dilute ACV with water and to gargle in the
morning. You should take half teaspoon of ACV and a cup of water.

In the morning gargle with the solution and afterwards brush your teeth
as regularly you are doing. Do this every morning and you will be amazed
by the results.

Tips: Remember to shake the bottle of ACV well before use because all
the essential compounds are present at the bottom of the bottle. Always
dilute it with water because if you only use ACV you might damage your
teeth due to its high acidic content.

And do not do it a couple of times daily REMEMBER TO DO IT ONLY ONCE! Why? -Because excess vinegar can weaken the enamel.

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