Five Liver Cleansing Drinks That Will Effectively Detox Your Body

Every liver requires regular cleanses in order to process the
detoxification process regularly. Its main function is to detoxify the
body and produce enzymes and chemicals that help maintain proper overall

the regular function of the liver undergo changes alike increased
cholesterol levels, disrupted SGOT, increased triglycerides, and
disrupted SGPT levels, this state is known as fatty liver. Please find
below our 5 best liver cleansing drinks that will surely improve your
liver function in no time:

Celery & Parsley Juice

The “antioxidants” drink contains carotenoids, Flavonoids, Vitamins and Minerals necessary for healthy cellular function.

When the goodness of Parsley is combined with the of potency Celery, it converts to amazing detox drink.


  • 6 Stems of Celery
  • 5 Cups of water
  • Chopped mint leaves
  • Half cup Parsley (chopped )
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice


Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend it completely, extract the juice and take it empty stomach in the morning.

Coriander and Lemon water

leaves are alkaline and as a superfood for healing Fatty liver and
obesity and also improves skin quality too, followed with visible
improvements. It also fights cancer and free radicals in the body. By
mixing it with lemon we get a powerfull fat burn drink.


  • Coriander leaves (handfull)
  • 1 lemon squeezed
  • Half a glass water


Blend it thoroughly, and then extract the juice.
Lemon & Ginger Water

holds an ingredient named as Gingerol, it gives anti-oxidant and
Anti-inflammatory properties to ginger, this strengthens the digestive

Lemon juice is pure laxative and it’s generally used as a
morning drink to ease digestion and fight constipation, it also has an
alkalizing effect on the body.


  • 2 tbsp Lemon juice
  • Half Inch Ginger


a glass of water and extract the ginger juice. Stir the lemon and
ginger juice, then add the chopped mint leaves. Take this drink once
Dandelion root tea

nutritious Dandelion roots are loaded with minerals and vitamins and
minerals needed for healthy cellular work. It also contains high volumes
of Beta-Carotene, and last but not least it holds anti-inflammatory

To consume this detox tea I advise using the tea bag as this way you have the exact and best dosage.
Turmeric Liver Cleaner

is ancient food and has positive effects on many systems of the body.
It contains an element named “Curcumin”, which holds anti-inflammatory


  • Half tablespoon of Turmeric
  • 2 tablespoon of Lemon juice
  • Half inch grated ginger
  • Half a glass of water


the water boils and adds the turmeric along with ginger. Then remove it
from the heat, and let the water cool down, add the lemon juice on the
Additional Tips For Effective Liver Cleanse
Drink at least 8 glasses of water
Include lots of green cruciferous veggies in your diet, they restore the liver cells.
Try intermittent fasting, suggested is 12-hour fasting.
Avoid meat, milk and butter.
Have a 30-minute walk each day.

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