Fitness Guide: Which Protein Powder Is The Best To Build Muscles

Undoubtedly, anyone can gain perfect muscles by eating healthy foods and lifting weights. But if you truly want to maximize your growth potential then, supplements consumption can work as a chain that connects you to your fitness goals. Have you seen those giant jars that a muscular person mostly eats from? Also, you must have seen an appealing lady drinks something from the bottle after or before the workout.

Why do they all drink or eat some specific items? Is there any miracle? As a novice, you seek for all these answers. Don’t worry. This guest post will help you in solving all your answers that relate to fitness. In order to get an answer to all these questions, let’s take a look at protein. In the market, there are some specific Muscle Gainer Protein that helps you in growing muscles. Let’s get back to the point and dig deeper into the topic…

What Is The Best Protein Powder For Building Muscle?

Actually, there are two main sources of protein. First one is whole food protein and the second one is supplement protein. Whole food protein is a protein that comes from natural food sources such as chicken, fish, beef etc. The best forms of whole food proteins for muscle building are fish, eggs, chicken, lean red meat and turkey. And if you’re vegetarian then your best options are almonds, rice, tofu, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, beans and yogurt.

A protein supplement is powdered or liquid foods that contain protein from different sources such as whey, soy and egg. It isn’t necessary to include protein supplements to gain muscle but it can be impractical to try to get all the proteins from whole foods everyday.

Everything About Eating Protein

There are certain things that you should know about eating protein. The first thing you should know about eating protein is, how much protein you can absorb in a single sitting. However, it is a complex subject to find out the perfect answer because the survey needs to consider different factors such as your metabolism, genetics, lifestyle and digestive tract health. But, if you want to know an exact amount then, your body shouldn’t have trouble absorbing above 100 grams in a single sitting.

Another thing that you should know about protein is, different proteins digest at different speeds and some of them are better utilized by the body than others. Beef protein can be digested quickly like, around 70-80-% of intake is utilized by the body. And on the other side, egg protein digests slower than whey and beef. So, the best protein powder for muscle building is egg, casein and whey.

End Of The Discussion

Hope this article has helped you in solving out all the fitness related questions. At the end of this article, we have seen there are three protein powders that you can consume for muscle growth. Do more research on which protein is the best for your body requirements. Otherwise, ask your fitness trainer and guide yourself. Stay Brawny & be an inspiration to others!

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