Fat Burning Drinks – 6 Healthy Homemade Weight loss Drinks

you’re looking for the best fat burning drinks to help you shed excess
fat then you are in the right place. But can these drinks help you lose
weight quickly? Do you need a fat-burning diet to get faster results?

stay around to get the best answers to your questions because I will
not only share the tips but the best drinks that I’ve used myself.

before I start mentioning the drinks, let me quickly elaborate
something so that you can use these drinks with proper understanding.


Can Drinks Really Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals?

it depends on the goals you have in mind. If you want to go down a bit
in the size of your clothes, then you can easily achieve that goal.

But, let’s say you are over 200+ pounds and want to shed a lot of weight, then you are probably not going to be happy about the results.

That is because burning a lot of fat requires more than drinking a few beverages. In fact, it takes habit change, diet change, change of your shopping list, and also consistency in your diet.

You may also have to exercise too. It’s a lot to take in but it’s not that difficult. The hardest part is getting started.

But, can these drinks help you lose weight if you have more than 200 pounds?

YES… With supplements I mentioned!

How Do Drinks Burn Fat In Your Body?

of all, not all drinks can help you lose weight. That is because there
are some drinks that contain a lot of calories. Some drinks are very
high in sugar.

Such drinks fall under foods you should avoid losing weight or belly fat.

drinks that I’m going to mention in a moment contain antioxidants.
These antioxidants help your body by protecting the cells from the
formation of chronic diseases.

These drinks are also rich in protein and they have shown to boost your body’s metabolic rate which will then help you to lose weight by decreasing your food cravings.

They can also keep you refreshed and hydrated.

So Does This Mean That You Need To Drink All Day Everyday?

I often get this a lot, and I thought I should just clarify this on this post.

There is no need for you to drink these fat burning drinks every day.
Remember that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

Do not abuse these drinks just because somebody on the internet said they help you lose weight.

that patience and consistency is the key to weight loss. And you won’t
drink today and wake up with a lot of fat loss the next day.

So How Do You Consume These Fat Burning Drinks?

That is the easy part. So what you have to do is to choose 1 or 2 drinks from the list.

think it’s better to try 2 of them a week and change the following
week. This way, you’ll be able to find what works best for you.

So, now that you’ve chosen 2 drinks, you only need to drink early in the morning. Also, drink before eating your meals.

This will help you to eat less, meaning that you will consume fewer calories. thus, burning fat!

Now, Enough chitchat… let’s go to the drinks!

The 6 Best Fat Burning Drinks For Weight Loss

Let’s take a look at the drinks I go to when I start to see a little bit of belly fat creeping in on me.

My Go-To Beverages

#1 The Cinnamon Drink

How to Make Cinnamon Milk For Weight Loss and Healthier Skin

is one of the best belly fat burning agents. That is because cinnamon
can easily help you burn visceral fat meaning that it aids weight loss.

benefits don’t end there, it is also known to be one of the healthiest
spices because it contains antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties.

It can also help lower blood pressure, boost metabolism, and insulin function.

You can check out how the cinnamon drink is made in this blog post!

#2 Chia Seed Drink

Chia Seed Recipes For Weight Loss - Fat Burning Drink Diet

Every now and then. I love to make myself a chia seed water drink or occasionally insert them in my smoothies.

This is because they are one of the best and healthiest appetite suppressors. When I take one drink, I reduce my calorie intake fast.

Chia seeds are very high in fiber and protein content. The soluble fiber found in chia seeds can absorb a lot of water and therefore expand in your stomach.

This process alone suppresses appetite. You can check out the chia seed drink right here and indulge your self with a homemade chia seed drink.

#3 Weight Loss Smoothies

Five Skinny Smoothies For Weight Loss

have come a long way and they have been debated over and over again
about whether they aid weight loss or not. I want to end it right here.

there are different smoothies out there and the only way you can know
whether they are helpful in weight loss or not is by checking the

The number 1 thing that you need to check is sugar
content found in those smoothies. If it contains processed sugar, then
that’s a red flag. 

That is why I prefer homemade
smoothies because they are made from fruits that contain natural sugar.
They are also made of vegetables and are high in vitamins and minerals
and many other nutrients that are beneficial to your body.

You can check out these 5 fat burning smoothies that are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also rich in taste.

Other Helpful Beverage

#4 Red Tea

The red tea, also known as the Rooibos tea. This tea originated in my home country, South Africa.

This tea has proven to have a lot of benefits for the human body. Benefits such as increasing antioxidants in your body.

Someone may wonder what antioxidants do. Well, they can help your body by protecting the body cells by those free radicals.

If you didn’t know, those free radicals help reduce the risk of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

The red tea is also filling, meaning that it can help you stay full for a long time.

#5 Green Tea

Green Tea For Weight Loss – How It Helps? How Many Cups?

tea is not that different from the red tea. It also contains the
antioxidants that protect your body cells and it can also help you fight
illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

It too can also help you stay filled for a very long time.

there is a slight difference than can be a game-changer. The difference
between the two tea is not on the name or the color of the content but
in caffein content.

The red tea is caffeine-free whereas green tea contains a small amount of caffeine.

But in my humble opinion, both teas are great, you just need to be mindful of your caffeine sensitivity.

#6 Drink Water

How Much Water You Need to Drink

Since each and every drink that I mentioned here contain water in it, I had to talk about water itself.

glass of warm water in the morning every day can make a huge difference
in someone’s life. In fact, that is the basic foundation of burning
belly fat and losing weight.

Water is one of the best body cleansers. And just like drinking tea, water can help you reduce your calorie intake.

That is because when you drink water just before you eat, you end up getting full without eating a lot of food.

There are way too many benefits to drinking water. In fact, they deserve another blog post.

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