Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition Supplements

Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I am beyond
excited about this blog post because it was written with the help of an
incredible Certified Holistic Nutritionist (and a Registered
Orthomolecular Practitioner), who has all of the answers to your
questions around nutrition supplements.

I take
supplements on a daily basis, as do my children, but I know so many
people struggle with knowing which ones they should really be taking.
Well, after chatting with Jass, she has all of the answers for you

Overall, which supplements should most adults be taking on a regular basis?

most important supplements for adults to be taking daily are a B
complex, fish oil and magnesium, and there are so many reasons why.

B complexes are really important for aiding in digestion, regulating
blood sugar management, increasing energy and reducing stress.

Fish oils are incredibly anti-inflammatory. They are crucial for our joints, brain, skin, digestive tract and so much more.

is the mineral that almost all of us are depleted in due to the lack of
magnesium in our soils. It’s amazing for sleep, stress, digestion,
headaches, blood sugar management, and is needed for over 300 metabolic
reactions in the body. This is the supplement that I think every single
person needs to be taking! I would recommend 200mg- 500mg per day before

Lately, I’ve been hearing so much about amino acid support. Should we be supplementing this?

acids are the building blocks to protein. These amino acids are so
important because protein is crucial for structural and chemical
functions in the body. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, the body does not
store amino acids, so the body is constantly needing amino acid

If we are eating low protein diets or just
unhealthy diets in general, we are going to be lacking a lot of the
essential amino acids needed to build protein. If you lack protein in
your diet, it may be a good idea to add in a clean, plant based protein

If you are eating healthy, you are most likely getting in
enough protein. There is protein in brown rice, lentils, chickpeas,
black beans, spirulina, chicken, eggs, edemame and so much more! So
don’t overthink it, but make a conscious effort to add in some extra

For those women struggling with hormonal imbalance, what supplements would help with this?

Some supplements that will help with hormonal imbalances that are safe to take are:

Borage oil or GLA: These
omega 6’s are great for reducing inflammation and stimulating the
adrenals. They are also really great for any of those who suffer with
hormonal skin disorders, or painful menstrual cycles.

As noted before, magnesium is important for so many reasons when it
comes to our hormonal health. Magnesium helps to reduce stress and
improve our adrenal system. It is also shown to be a causing factor in
women who suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Black Cohosh:
any of those suffering from menopausal symptoms like hot flashes,
irritability, night sweats and so on, should definitely consider black
cohosh! This powerful herb helps to balance estrogen levels in the body
to regulate the hormones.

This herb is used to
balance the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body. This is a
great herb for anyone suffering from any hormonal issues as it will help
to align the body with the assistance it needs at any stage. If you
experience hormonal acne, pain or missed menstrual cycles, vitex would
be a good option.

Just as a side note, it is extremely
important to talk to a medial/nutritional expert before starting any
supplements when it comes to hormonal health as these can have adverse
side effects if they are not the supplement for your body.

What is the best supplement to assist with increasing energy and reducing stress?

best supplement for aiding in energy production and reducing stress is
either a B complex or magnesium bisglycinate supplement. Here is why:

complexes help to give us a natural energy boost, which we can actually
feel right away. Specific B vitamins like B6 and B5 are actually known
as our “anti-stress” vitamins. A complex works wonders for both stress
and energy.

Magnesium is also crucial as it more so helps us
relax at night. This will help to reduce cortisol levels, and allow us
to sleep better throughout the night, inevitably, we will be able to
notice better energy throughout the day. Magnesium is also known to be a
powerful aid in stress, anxiety, and depression. Magnesium is the
mineral that almost all who suffer with mental health are depleted in.

Should toddlers and children be taking any supplements? If so, which ones would you recommend?

and children would definitely benefit from taking a probiotic.
Probiotics will not only keep them from getting sick, but it will also
aid in building their young digestive and immune systems.

your child doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, it would also be a
great idea to get them to have a multivitamin each day. Just be careful
that the vitamin does not contain too much sugar!

If your child
suffers from ADHD or ADD, adding on a fish oil would be of strong
benefit. Specifically one that is high in DHA will help to increase
their concentration and mental clarity and DHA helps to protect and
build the brain.

I know certain supplement brands are better
than others. Can you provide us advice on how to ensure the supplements
you are taking are excellent quality?

Quality over quantity
is so important when it comes to supplements! We need to remember that
we are taking these supplements to better our health, so this is
something that we need to invest in! If you aren’t sure what brands are a
good quality brand, you can ask the store associates at the health

If you take a look at the back of the label, you should
not see any ingredient that reads “sugar”, or “dye”. This shows that
there are fillers in here to make it taste better or change the colour
if the supplement. This is something we definitely want to stay away

Any other advice as it relates to supplements?

that supplements are exactly what they sound like- they help to
supplement a healthy lifestyle. Supplements are great to take when the
body needs it, but it is important to take breaks from all supplements
every once in a while. I tend to recommend that my clients stick to all
of their supplements during the winter season, and then either reduce
the dosage in the summer. In the warmer months, we are eating more
fruits and vegetables, so we should be getting our nutrients from the

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