Even science has proven: STOP WEARING BRAS!

From one generation to another, it has been passed from one woman to
another that she should wear a bra, simply because of tradition and
social acceptance, but also because it helps with back pain and forms
and lifts up the breasts.

A new study has revealed that woman should actually turn their backs on
this tradition and wear breasts occasionally, mostly for working out.


In this particular study 330 volunteers took place and gave the
measurements of their breasts for scientific purposes. This was a
continuous study that took about 15 years. The results were totally
opposite from what we have thought about bras and their purpose!

  • Women who didn’t wear bras had firmer breasts
  • Women who didn’t wear bras had about 7cm lifted up nipples since their first measurement
  • women who wear bras had more stretch marks

A logical result from the study was that not wearing the bra stimulated
the actual human muscles under the breasts and on the back to be firm
enough to hold the breasts, without any help or support from a bra.

We have to mention here that the volunteers in this study were between
the age of 18 and 35 and haven’t been wearing bras as much as some older
women. So that’s the limitation of this study – we don’t know if the
same results would occur for women who wore bras all their lives,
completely neglecting their actual muscles for this purpose.

Since the results from this study are completely contradictory to what
we’ve been taught, we have to ask: is this a marketing trick over the
health of the body?


  • wear a bralette – A bralette is actually a bra without any wires and
    padding. This is probably the first step for you going braless if you
    have wore a bra since your puberty.
  • Start out small – Depending on your age and how long have you used a
    bra, you should probably start one step at a time. Surely not go to
    work, or show braless in your favorite bar. This way, not only your
    surrounding would be more comfortable with your change, but also you.
  • Exercise your natural posture – do this especially when sitting or
    standing still. When you are still, muscles tend to relax and since you
    wore a bra before, your muscles are kinda lazy on the field of posture.
    Give them more work and exercise your posture, even in front of a

Why going braless???

Here are some very logical and also “good for your body” reasons t stop wearing a bra.

  1. Bras are expensive – based on information found on Statista, most
    women spent between 16$ and 30$ per bra in the year of 2017. And since
    laundry has become a fashion accessory, the prices went up! Imagine
    buying a bra in a Victoria’s secret store…
  2. It takes long to find the right bra – though they have numbers, and
    probably you know your size, it still takes time and so much undressing
    to find your right bra.
  3. To be honest, they’re not so comfortable – remember when you first
    started wearing a bra? You had to get used to it! That explains just how
    much comfortable they are! The breasts never get a chance to breath
    underneath those tight, wired cups.
  4. They aren’t necessary for every occasion – unfortunately, society
    has taught us that wearing a bra is decent clothing and behavior. For
    the price of not getting enough air in your lungs because your bra is
    tight. Or you feel puffed today. But, since there’s no actual law on
    this, besides the social norms and the judgement of passengers, it’s
    totally up to you!

Another fun fact from this study showed that preteens actually should
NEVER wear a bra, especially while their breasts are still in
development. Normally, if you squeeze a big plant in a small pot, it
shall not grow as much as if you let it grow outside.

This is pretty much the same thing that’s going on here. Although it’s
expected for girls to start wearing bras when their breasts start to
grow, it’s actually not scientifically proven to be better or healthier
for you.

As the study also showed, not wearing a bra actually helps specific
muscles to grow around the breasts and become stronger, thus, naturally
lifting up the breasts.


Though we presented many interesting facts and scientifically proven
points up in the text, wearing a bra or going braless should be totally
up to you. You shouldn’t join the movement of going braless if it
doesn’t fit you and no one will judge you.

However, it’s recommended for young girls not to wear bras to let their
natural muscles for this purpose to develop. Later in their puberty, it
should be their choice to start wearing a bra, but not while developing

Anyway, you should try both sides before choosing a side, am I right?


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