Essential Oils for Skin (Anti Aging Drops of Youth)

In as little as one month they’ve seen MASSIVE improvements:

  • Facial lines have diminished CONSIDERABLY
  • Dark spots that have DISAPPEARED
  • A much more TONED complexion
  • Illuminated skin
  • An overal healthy glow that others notice

keep telling me these things and more, again and again and again. At
this point I know that there’s ONE essential oil that is doing the trick
for them (I don’t use the really expensive essential oils like rose,
neroli or jasmine for obvious reasons although I’ll be making a range
for my mum with rose absolute soon).

The essential oil that is doing the trick is FRANKINSENCE.


One Month to See Differences

general, the skin takes around 28 days to renew and when we get older
around 45 to 60 days. I wasn’t expecting results for a while but people
saw very visible results within a month of trying my products on a daily

I can’t really speak for myself because I try everything
all the time (for my own pleasure and because I try what I make for
people) and there are too many essential oils and other ingredients on
my skin for me to be able to give an accurate diagnosis. But they have.

you have any of the below mentioned oils at home and haven’t used them
for a while go and get them from your drawer. First check if they’re
still good (expiry date). If not good, put on the side for use on DIY
cleaning products.

If they’re good, you can use them in the following ways:

  • Add
    NO MORE than 1% drops to your daily/night moisturiser. Just weight your
    moisturiser on a separate container, add up to 1% drops of one ore more
    of the below essential oils, mix well and you can place back in the
    jar. Hygiene is important! Use gloves and disinfect with alcohol 70 if
    possible. Use these scales for measuring and these bowls as containers.
    This information I learned on my Formula Botanica course and on my
    Neal’s Yard Remedies course.
  • Mix your chosen essential oil or
    oils with a carrier oil of your choice. For mature skin I HIGHLY
    recommend macadamia carrier oil.

Facial oil or moisturizer?
Try both! In the morning use the moisturizer with your chosen essential
oil(s). At night use the carrier oil mixed with your preferred essential
oil(s) from the list below. EASY. The important thing is that you stick
with your chosen essential oil(s) to check the difference over time.
Just stick with the same one(s)!

Show Me the Oils!

Here you go (source: Neal’s Yard Remedies,
an U.K. brand I ADORE. I don’t trust online resources and I only go by
what I’ve learend at proper courses or places I personally go to with

Wendy Polisi, whom I’ve known
for a while (online), recommends on her website Plant Therapy and I very
much trust her judgement. I’ve linked to Plant Therapy for most of the
oils (yes, I will get the commission) because unfortunately Neal’s Yard
Remedies is wayyy too costly in the U.S. in my opinion. But you can
check them out here. The rest of the oils I’ve gone for brands I’ve
checked before hand many times myself. I use at home Naturally Thinking
and Neal’s Yard Remedies (I’m in Europe so it’s easier for me).

  • Organic Frankincense anti-aging essential oil –
  • Organic Ylang-ylang anti-aging essential oil –
  • Neroli anti-aging essential oil –
  • Palmarosa anti-aging essential oil –
  • Jasmine anti-aging essential oil (2.5ml) –
  • Organic Lavender anti-aging essential oil –
  • Chamomile anti-aging essential oil –
  • Patchouli anti-aging essential oil-
  • Rose anti-aging essential oil (5ml) – (when checking rose essential oil make sure it’s NOT rose fragrance but pure, rose absolute!)
  • Organic Sandalwood anti-aging essential oil (5ml) – check price (when checking sandalwood essential oil make sure it’s NOT from India!! Mine comes from Australia).

of the above oils will be more expensive than others because we’re
talking about floral essential oils that are much more expensive than,
let’s say, citrus oils (where usually the oil is taken from the
peel). Absolutes are also expensive. This is like liquid gold in your

Pros & Cons of Using Essential Oils for Mature Skin


  • You
    DON’T have to spend time creating the product (salves, balms, DIY
    creams, etc etc). Just JUST add the drops to your favorite moisturiser
    and you’re DONE.
  • As long as you keep to the recommended amount (at 1% or less) the oils can last you a long time! (check expiry dates)


  • Some oils are on the expensive side (just choose cheaper ones if price is a problem).
  • If you’re not a lover of essential oils scents then this is NOT FOR YOU.


How to Know Which One to Use?

help you. All the oils will be wonderful for your mature skin and can
help the anti aging process. Here are a few points you could consider
that might help you choose the oil for you:

This is how I would do it:

    Palmarosa will always be cheaper than any absolute. Always. And when I
    say cheaper I mean A LOT cheaper. You can start by chucking on the side
    the ones you can/cannot afford.
    Spices will have a deeper, more grounding but also more velvety scent
    than florals which are always lighter and more vibrant. You might hate
    lavender’s scent and totally love the exotic and arousing Ylang-ylang.
    How to know if you’ve never smelled them before? Well, go by your
    personality. If you hate strong scents, patchouli is NOT for you! They
    will all have a particular scent so you will have to make a compromise.
    If it helps, the scent does go after a while (these oils are volatile
    This is another way of choosing your oil. Essential oils are plant’s
    most secret weapon so think about the plant the essential oil comes
    from. Which one ‘speaks’ to you? Are you an elegant rose or a sparky
    chamomile flower? Do you feel a sacred, spiritual or deep connection
    with oriental spices or are you more of an exotic ylang-ylang? (from

My choice? I can tell you already:

a FRANKINSENCE girl!! Great price, organic, great scent (not too strong
or deep but just enough for me), GREAT GREAT GREAT for mature skin. If
you don’t believe me, Neal’s Yard Remedies has 3 ENTIRE ANTIAGE
COLLECTIONS (Intense, Intense Lift & Rejuvenating) using this
amazing essential oil!! And, yes, I do use it in all of my anti aging
skincare. It is a resin, by the way. Which I also connect with.

A Little More on Each

Ok, I suppose you’d like to know a little more about each… See below.

1. Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carterii)

favorite! Tones skin, invigorates complexion, this is an essential oil
FANTASTIC for aging skin and sun damaged skin. It closes pores and has
REJUVENATING QUALITIES. Minimizes wrinkles as well as fine lines. It
also reduces the appearance of blemishes. Tones, closes pores,
rejuvenates. A great oil for spiritual connection as well. An excellent
choice for mature skin!

2. Ylang-ylang Essential OIl (Cananga odorata)

odour!! Might not be for everyone. I particularly LOVE it but some
people tell me they don’t. This is an exotic essential oil with a strong
floral scent (it can help with anxiety as well). Suitable for all skin
types able to tone and balance the skin improving its structure, adds a
youthful glow to the complexion and improves the appearance of sagging
or tired skin. Effective for acne-prone type of skin.

3. Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium)

is not a cheap oil, I’m warning you. The essential oil is extracted
from the blossom of the Seville orange tree. It is a great oil for
treating anxiety and depression. I love the scent, intense, light,
refreshing. Simply beautiful. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like
this simple yet perfect light fragrance. Neroli essential oil can tone
and hydrate the skin by balancing moisture levels and helps reduce the
fine lines from dehydrated skin.

4. Palmarosa Essential Oil (Cymbopogon martinii)

hints of rose, Palmarosa actually comes from a wild grass which is
native from India. It has a balancing action on the skin and I use it in
a lot of my DIY skincare. It rejuvenates mature and tired skin, helps
reduce the appearance of winkles and fine lines, can tone sagging skin,
helps control sebum production, brightens complexion, improves the
appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue, regenerates cells, keeps
skin elastic and supple, ideal also for oily skin and it also hydrates
dry skin. A wonderful and really all-rounder essential oil in my
opinion. I also love the way it smells.

5. Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasminium officinale)

costly oil – I’m so tight fisted with these lol! Its intoxicating aroma
is well prized by perfumers around the world. Jasmine essential oil has
a reputation as an aphrodisiac for a good reason. It can calm and sooth
sensitive or inflamed skin. This oil is naturally toning and can
improve skin elasticity. It can also help scars when used regularly.

6. Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

people know lavender essential oil is calming and can help you relax as
well as promote sleep. But not everyone is aware that lavender
essential oil has rejuvenating properties. Its soothing effects make it a
great skin healer for mature/aging skin.

7. Chamomile Essential Oil (Matricaria recutita)

might be a little underrated when it comes to skincare. To be honest I
don’t usually see it as part of the ingredients list in creams and
moisturizers although it is a MUST for my eye countour cream (together
with fennel essential oil). Anti-inflammatory, calming and toning,
chamomile essential oils penetrates into the layers of the skin in order
to repair and sooth, being perfect for eczema and general healing.

8. Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin)

I live, in the Canary Islands (Spain, Europe) many women LOVE patchouli
essential oil as a perfume. It must be the ‘hot blood’ and the fact
this is a sensual, exotic scent that drive them crazy! I use it on my
daily moisturizer and many people have told me the absolutely love the
way it smells. It is an acquired taste though! If you’ve never smelled
patchouli essential oil and are fussy about scents/fragrances this oil
might not be for you. An aromatherapy favorite of many, this oil heals
as well as soothes the skin and improves the appearance of stretch marks
and scar tissue. It brings ageing complexions back to life toning,
cleansing and repairing the skin. It regenerates skin cells and helps
scars fade. Finally it is a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin as well
as an astringent as it balances sebum production (so good for oily and
acne-prone skin as well).

9. Rose Absolute Essential Oil (Rosa damascena)

expensive essential oil that deserves its own medal. A rejuvenating,
anti-inflammatory and toning oil which supports tissue and cell
regeneration. Reduces appearance of fine lines, minimizes appearance of
broken capillaries and maintains skin’s elasticity. It can also help
repair sun-damaged skin. A luxurious oil with many benefits.

10. Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum album)

wonderful essential oil with an highly aromatic scent (it might not be
for everyone, sandalwood has an exotic, deep and velvety touch). It can
heal dry and damaged skin as well as revive skin complexion. It is an
anti-inflammatory as well as astringent, this oil balances the skin.
Good for oily skin as well as dry skin. Reduces appearance of blemishes
and scars. Great for men because it soothes razor burns.

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