Dry Skin Brushing to Detox Lymphatic System and Cellulite — Here’s How to Do it Properly

One very popular technique nowadays is definitely dry brushing. It is present in any spa menu. Your dry skin is scrubbed with a brush. The procedure is usually done before you shower.

Even experts claim that it’s extremely effective since it can detoxify your organism, exfoliate your skin and even help you decrease the amount of cellulite you have!

It acts as an exfoliator since it removes all the dead cells from your skin. After you apply it some moisturizer, it becomes extremely gentle.

It’s detoxifying because it looks like a massage. You press your skin with a brush. The lymph fluid moves in the lymph nodes and you can then eliminate the waste.

4 Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

It Helps Boost The Lymphatic System

The functions of our cardiovascular and circulatory system depend on our heart. It moves all the toxic build-ups as well as system`s fluids. The lymphatic system can’t deal with these things.

If you brush your lymphatic system properly, you’ll manage to eliminate all the toxic matters and transport white blood cells into your lymph nodes.

It Helps Your Digestion and Kidneys

You may think these things are unrelated, but they are actually very connected.

If you manage to massage the proper lymph nodes, it will help you remove all the excess of water as well as toxic waste that make you feel bloated. Dry skin brushing will also help your kidneys work easily.

Stress Management

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Stress Management

If you do skin brushing every day, it can be addictive. You’ll relieve stress because it acts like a complete body massage. You relax your mind as well as your muscles.

It’s Your Skin’s Best Friend

This procedure eliminates your dead skin cells, but it also helps you remove cellulitis and prevent it at the same time. The toxic build-up will become filtered throughout your body more often.

A Quick Guide to Dry Brushing

What you need is a stiff bristled brush that is completely natural. You need the one that has a detachable handle so that you’ll be able to reach any part of your body.

The best time to do this is before you shower in the morning. You need to do it every day. Try to make it your new routine!

Use long sweeping motions when you’re brushing. You shouldn’t do it too roughly because it’s important to cause stimulation and not to irritate your skin.

Start from your feet. Then, go up to your heart gradually. Use soft circular brush strokes when you’re on the stomach area.


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