Diy Egg Yolk And Olive Oil Hair Masks

Are you the one looking for some magic that can work q quick heal for
your hair growth as well as the hair fall. Yes, this article will help
you greatly to make your hairs healthy and limit further hair-fall. The
combination of two low-cost easily available kitchen ingredient eggs and
lime oil play a very important role to fulfil the requirement of hair
supplement as a macronutrient. 

At similar time eggs work as growth agent and also lessen hair
falling because it ultimately comprises of essential nutrient like
proteins, vitamin, fatty acids. The smashed or dried up hair is
moistened by lime oil because of its moisturizing ability.

The Required Ingredients:

  • Eggs two
  • Lime oil two tablespoons                       

How to Process And Apply                                     

Put The yolks in a minute sink that is detached from the white part after broken the eggs.

Prepare thin adhesive by mixing the above mention 2 tablespoons of lime oil by means of aby approximate a beaker of fresh water.

Be valid this combination by means of massage on your hair.

Approximate 20 minutes depart this combination on your hair.

By means of fresh water clean your hair.

Every month apply this cure do again approximate 1-2 times.

Apply the mixture onto your scalp and hair, massaging it in.

Leave the mixture for 20 minutes after a massage to penetrate and leave it for work.

Now, just Rinse your hair using lukewarm water.

Reform this remedy at least 1-2 times each month for quick and great change.

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