Discover the Best Workout for Your Body Type

Why some of us exercise hard and try millions of diets, but they don’t
get the expected results? It is really disappointing when you try
everything, but nothing helps you lose the extra weight and build your

Our team Daily Health Advisor is going to help you with this problem.
Our bodies are classifying in several types. Each type is characterized,
and you need a proper diet and workout to get the best of it.

Here you have our recommendations:

1. Delicate type

Rectangular figure


  • Power training
  • Defines your muscles and waist
  • gets rid of belly fat


Substantial breakfast, and modest dinner: 

  • more carbs 
  • fewer proteins

Little to no milk, sweets, pastry and raw food.

2. Curvaceous type

Pear-shaped figure


  • Active sports including stamina workouts

Time to exercise:

  •  early morning
  • late afternoon


  • Fruits, non-fatty proteins, any vegetables


  • cream
  • butter
  • sauces
  • chocolate
  • starchy food
  • pasta
  • vinegar

3. Artistic type

Hourglass figure


Group, street and dancing sports

Time to exercise:

  • late afternoon


  • Green vegetables
  • low-fat animal proteins
  • dairy.


  • fruit
  • bread
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • sugar

4. Lean type

Apple- shaped figure


  • Jigging
  • aerobic
  • mountain skiing
  • Swimming is perfect as it shapes your body without pumping muscles.


  • Vegetarian diet
  • Little to no cream, butter, sauces or chocolate

 Losing weight tips for all body types: 

1. Eat in small portions

It is not always just what you eat. The quantity is extremely important.
When you are out with your friends for dinner, you can order some small
portion of the menu. Always try to satisfy your hunger with small

2. Eat alone

We all want our family and friends by our side when we make diet
changes. Unfortunately, it was proven that people who eat in groups eat
more. So if you want to lose your weight, you should avoid eating with other people.

3. Limit your salt intake

Consuming salt causes water retention in the body and bloating. If you
want to lose your extra weight, you must limit your salt intake. Salt
also contribute to numerous health conditions such as hypertension,
gastritis and kidney disorders. So don’t think twice say goodbye to the

4. Drink plenty of water

We all know that is recommended to drink minimum 8 glasses of water a
day. But if you want to lose weight and you exercise regularly you must
drink more water. Water will boost your metabolism, improve your
digestion and hydrate your body. You will lose your pounds faster than
you can imagine.

5. Get enough sleep

Our body needs minimum 9 hours of sleep a day to function properly. When
we get the sleep we need, we feel relax and full with energy. Our mood
is improved and we take more care about what we eat.

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