Cure For Swollen Feet And Ankles After A Work Day

Swollen feet can connect with very hard conditions, heart diseases, and
liver problems. Here is how you can naturally reduce the swelling and
feel better. There are other symptoms that come with swollen
extremities, like heavy breathing, fever, change of the skin color, and
chest pain. The swelling is usually a reaction of some kind of
contraception pill, antidepressants, or other medicine. It is best to
consult with a doctor to be sure.

Regular exercise
If you suffer from any kind of leg inflammation, swimming is
the perfect exercise for you. Exercising helps the circulation of the blood and
stops the body from accumulating blood in the lower part of the body. Yoga can
be a part of this combination as well. You need something that will activate
your legs.

Put your legs up
Put your legs up on the wall or on a pillow for about 30
minutes every day. This will help your body drain the excess fluids that have

A walk
If you work somewhere, that makes you sit for a long period
of time. The best thing to do is stand up and walk for a couple of minutes. This
will help stop the swelling of the legs and feet.

Compressive socks
Yes, compressive socks. It is hard to put them on, but they
are amazing. These socks will help the blood vessels to become more elastic. They
also stop varicose veins.

Healthy food
Try not to eat too much salt. Too much salt will cause your
body to keep the water. Try to eat vegetables, fruits, and proteins. This will
help you be healthy in so many ways.

Drink a lot of water, because drinking water will keep the
cells hydrated and help detoxify the body. Drinking ten glasses of water should
be a daily routine everyone should practice.

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