Change of the color of blood during your period – should you be worried

In general wellbeing, the condition can influence the length of your menstrual period. In any case, there are sure things which change the shade of your blood. Have you seen that it’s darker, practically dark at specific occasions, trailed by it is brilliant red. 

What do diverse shades of blood really mean?

When you cut yourself, crisp would have brilliant red blood. On the off chance that you swathe the injury, you’ll see the following day that the blood has changed shading to dark colored. This has happened in light of the fact that the blood has coagulated.

The endometrium is the internal layer of the uterus. A spot where zygote is beginning to develop. The endometrium has a lot of veins and winding courses which supply the zygote with oxygen and blood with the goal for it to develop.

Amid your menstrual period, if no pregnancy happened, these veins contract and confine the stream of blood. Your endometrium begins to isolate, yet this does not occur in a flash. Time is required all together for the endometrial tissue to enter the uterus and vagina. 

This is what the diverse hues mean

#Red/dull red shading:

Toward the start of your cycle, the blood can be dull dark colored and thicker. It’s likewise ordinary if first indications of your month to month cycle are splendid perused and more slender. On the off chance that the start and end of your cycle are joined by dark colored blood, that is on the grounds that the blood is more seasoned and it required more opportunity to leave the uterus.

#Brilliant red shading:

The stream of blood, as a rule, smoothens out in the second or third day of the cycle, as the uterus layer is released quicker. Brilliant red blood is typically fresher blood, so there’s no time for it to get darker.


This happens when there’s draining required outside the month to month cycle. Certain ladies experience it amid ovulation most known as ovulation dying.


On the off chance that a grayish release happens, allude to your specialist. This can be an indication of contamination or unconstrained premature birth.

#Imagine a scenario where stops up happen amid the month to month cycle.

Aside from the shading, certain progressions associated with the surface of the blood can happen. The surface of the blood can change. Stops up are not a call for frenzy. They happen when the uterus releases some portion of the endometrium. In the event that there are substantial, you ought to counsel your specialist still.

Change of shading amid the month to month cycle is an ordinary event. Simply focus on the stream, length of the cycle and torment. These can be an indication that something is going on. Remember to finish your standard visits to your gynecologist.

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