Candida and Migraines, Is There a Connection?

Feeling your neck tighten up, mood changing and head getting heavy, you know a migraine is on the way.

It’s estimated 12% of the population suffers from migraines.

not referring to a headache after a stressful day but a debilitating
pain accompanied by nausea, visual disturbances, confusion, and chills.
When a migraine hits, it stops your life in its track and you’re
scrambling to find anything that will give you relief.

Doctors are still debating the cause of migraines all over the world and the best prescriptions to abort these migraines.

best info on migraines can be found by talking to someone who has
suffered for years and now has a breakthrough in the relief of these

Have you ever noticed your migraines feel similar to
a hangover, even if you haven’t had a drop of alcohol? You may be
shocked to realize that you are hungover chemically, thanks to candida
in your system.

Years ago, my mother was horribly sick,
headaches, dizzy, horrible fatigue, weight gain, she couldn’t get up off
the couch most days. After multiple doctors and tests, they determined
her pancreas was showing signs of being an alcoholic. The shocking thing
was…she didn’t drink…EVER!

It seems the candida in her body
were fermenting and creating its own alcohol right in her system without
her drinking any alcohol at all.

Candida in the body excrete
something called mycotoxins into our system. The Candida literally
poison the body, ferment the food in our gut and are a major contributor
to cancers.

Aflatoxin is one of the main mycotoxins from candida overgrowth and its symptoms include:

  • Skin Rashes
  • Migraine
  • Depression
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Dizziness
  • Inflammation
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Water Retention
  • Diabetes
  • Body Aches
  • Cancer

in the blood can create a large list of toxins in the bloodstream
including ethanol. One of the main symptoms of all these toxins is
migraines, brain fog, confusion, and pain.

I have a long
history of migraines, as long as I can remember I have suffered from
migraines. After much research on candida in the body, I decided the
candida had to go. I carried many of the symptoms of acne, migraines,
eczema, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, and PMS.

I started
cutting out those foods that feed candida like sugar, peanuts, corn
products, wheat, dairy, and other grains. After just 2 days of eating
only veggies, fresh meats and fruits I was already feeling dramatically

I added in some antifungals and my head really
started to clear. I could almost feel the candida dying off, creating
horrible cravings inside me for sugar. The yeast was begging to be fed.

While candida is dying it releases the last of its mycotoxins.
Killing candida does cause a few symptoms to flair the first few days,
cravings being the top complaint. The Candida doesn’t want to starve and
it screams for you to feed it carbs and sugars. Hang tight…there is

Only after a few days, my head felt so incredibly clear.

the migraines to stop involved reducing inflammation but the key was
the inflammation was coming from toxins released from candida.

Safe foods that are free of fungus include:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables (no corn, white potato)
  • Fresh Meats
  • Most nuts excluding peanuts and pistachios

stress fresh because you want to avoid anything beginning to mold or
rot and any fruit that has begun to ferment. Vinegar should also be
avoided as well as any dairy since it feeds candida.

The list of what I could eat seemed small. After the first few weeks, I did add in some quinoa and sweet potato.

in some antifungals can really speed along with the death of those
yeasts but could exasperate symptoms of your chock full of candida.


You eventually have to replace the bacteria in your gut after you have put the hurt on that candida.

The Ultimate Candida Diet is the most effective program I have seen for clearing candida and restoring gut health.

In 2 phases, the 8-week program will guide you into the right meal plans and supplements for your body.

Stop planning your life around your migraines and get your head back.

It doesn’t take a lot of money but it does take determination.

of all the days I have lost with migraines, I will gladly eat
vegetables and take a few antifungals so I can enjoy my family and

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