Can the Keto Diet Be Safe?

The keto diet is a high-fiber, adequate-nutrient, low-fat diet
which in medical circles is commonly used to treat refractory epileptic
seizures in epileptic children. It forces the body into a state of
ketosis, where it burns fat instead of glucose. The initial use of the
keto diet was to treat severe childhood epilepsy, however, more recent
studies have shown its ability to help in weight loss and other health
improvements. It is also shown to improve insulin sensitivity and
glucose tolerance. It is important to understand how the keto diet


Ketosis occurs when your body is flooded with high amounts of
ketones, especially in the absence of food. The liver produces more
glucose than it normally does, and uses the glucose to supply energy.
Glucose can be broken down into two different forms, which are known as
either glucose or fructose. Excess glucose is converted into fatty acids
and stored in the fat cells. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other
chronic diseases can result from excessive glucose in the blood stream.


During ketosis, you have poor metabolic flexibility and poor capacity
for nutrient absorption leading to symptoms of hunger. People on the
keto diet have difficulty losing weight because they are not able to tap
into their potential to burn fat stores. As a result, most people gain
back some weight when they return to eating a standard diet, even though
they have already lost some weight during the diet.


There are two schools of thought on the causes of diabetes. Some
believe that the Atkins diet is the cause of the increase in diabetes.
Some experts believe that it is the increased intake of carbohydrates
that leads to the problem. The Atkins Diet is based around the idea of
reducing insulin levels through the diet. This has been credited with
helping millions of people to lose weight, but critics say there is no
evidence linking the Atkins Diet with reduced levels of insulin. In
recent years, this concept has been brought up and studied by many


Many proponents of the Atkins Diet believe that the increased intake
of proteins, which is what is found in meat, egg and cheese leads to a
rapid rise in ketones. Ketones are the by-products of the breakdown of
carbohydrates in the body. These are then usually excreted through urine
and breath. Many people believe that these high levels of ketones cause
a sensation of hunger. This causes them to eat more than they otherwise
would, when in reality they are not getting enough nutrients and
calories to fuel their normal daily activities. As a result, weight is
gained and many people experience the symptoms of ketosis as they become
less active and eat even less food than before.


The problem with this type of diet is that its advocates do not
realize that the Atkins Diet has many limitations and can be harmful for
some people. For instance, there are some who argue that the Atkins
Diet is not healthy for women because it inhibits their ability to
experience enough carbohydrates to lose weight. Also, some experts claim
that while the Atkins Diet works extremely well at helping people to
lose weight quickly, they do not work at allowing the body to absorb the
right amount of carbohydrates for sustained health. Instead, their diet
has been linked to causing long-term problems with heart conditions,
kidney problems and osteoporosis.


Many people also question the use of the ketone testing machine that
is used by Dr. Robert Atkins to determine the amount of carbohydrates
consumed. They claim that the results obtained from the test prove that
the Atkins Diet reduces the amount of carbohydrates eaten, but does not
increase the level of ketones in the blood. However, there are many
people who have used the Atkins Diet and have had great success at
burning fat while on the program. In addition, there are a number of
diet plans available today that also use ketones as a primary source of
fuel. Some of these programs include the South Beach Diet, the Suzanne
Summers Diet and the paleo diet.


Many people also point out that there are many advantages to the
Atkins Diet besides simply helping people to lose weight. The original
Atkins Diet uses the concept of insulin resistance, which is one of the
most important characteristics of being overweight or obese. By lowering
the glucose in the blood, the Atkins Diet allows the body to use fat as
a more efficient form of fuel. There is also a strong case to argue
that people who suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes and HIV,
should use low carb diets to reduce the risk of infection and to improve
their overall health. Also, studies have indicated that people who go
on low carb diets tend to have a lower chance of developing heart

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