Bentonite Clay For Feet

I’ve been told that one of the best ways to get toxins out of your body is through your feet. I’ve tried various ways to do this, including natural Bentonite clay.

Bentonite clay is often used for general detox. A simple way to use it is to apply it to my feet.

For me, this is far less messier and expensive than using foot detox pads, which you leave on overnight. Despite all the skepticism surrounding these products, no one can tell me that the black gunk I wipe off my feet in the morning isn’t real.

I’ve considered doing an ionic foot bath, which my naturopathic doctor highly recommends. (Yes, I realize this practice is also controversial.) But I don’t have the money, or the time. Home foot detox is much more convenient.

Bentonite Clay For Detoxing Your Feet

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With very little inconvenience, I can use pure Bentonite clay to try to improve my health. Clay, which is volcanic ash, is considered a good way to remove poisons from your body, no matter where it’s applied.

That’s because clay is said to contain negative ions. These bind with positively charged toxins. When it’s rinsed off the toxins go with it.

Calcium Bentonite Clay Foot Mask

A couple of years ago, I finally bought some clay. I mostly use it on my face. In addition to the fact it can remove toxins from your skin, it has a gentle exfoliating action. (Just don’t leave it on your face too long, because it can cause irritation and redness. Clay is a very powerful stuff. You can feel it working on your skin.)

I also have a sore knee. Before I shower, I can apply clay mixed with water to my knee and let it dry before I rinse it off.

Some people also take clay internally, because of it’s ability to bind toxins. But this is something I haven’t tried. You also shouldn’t try this unless you’re working with a holistic health professional. That’s because I’ve read anecdotal reports of intestinal blockages. So, right here, I’m only discussing how to use clay externally.

And, yes, you can also use Bentonite clay on your feet if you want to use it as a foot mask.

Bentonite Clay Foot Mask

Our feet are one of the major pathways for toxins to leave our body. At least that’s what various holistic health practitioners tell us. These are the voices I tend to listen to, after a terrible experience with mainstream doctors.

Alternative medical experts are the ones who helped restore my firstborn to health, following a devastating vaccine reaction that caused “shock/collapse.” Before this happened, I considered homeopathy and other forms of natural healing the domain of crackpots. Not anymore.

Healing Properties of Bentonite Clay

Most mainstream practitioners would consider foot detox as one of those “out there” remedies, with no science behind it. However, I don’t expect one of the major drug companies to fund a double-blind, controlled study on how many toxins leave the body, if you put clay on your feet. Much current research is centered on bringing new drugs to market.

On his website, online health expert Dr. Josh Axe, DC, extols the virtues of clay for detoxification.

Clay has been used for healing, for thousands of years, in various cultures around the world. Full body mud baths are commonly done in fancy spas, with the intent of cleansing the body, by drawing impurities to the surface. But foot baths are much easier, and you can do these at home, if you own a jar of Bentonite clay.

Bentonite Clay Foot Detox

Today, clay is being used increasingly in the home, because it’s now more widely available online. I like the fact of being able to do a clay facial, or a clay foot bath, in the privacy of my home, when I have a few minutes, just before I shower.

If I were to calculate the cost of a professional facial alone, one small jar of clay has already saved me a lot, and I’ve barely made a dent in it. A number of companies package this natural volcanic ash. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is one I can confidently recommend.

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