Beauty Secrets & Tips from Celebrities: All-Natural for Skin, Hair & Body

If you think that to be beautiful you need most expensive
products, you are simply wrong and some celebrities are great examples,
that cheap products and simple methods hide great beauty secrets.

this article you can find 6 beauty secrets from Hollywood celebrities
and why shared natural beauty secrets are so special. Only the best,
affordable and easy to apply secrets to fix these common problems: dry
hands, cellulite, weak hair and dark circles under your eyes.


Beauty Secrets for Smooth Skin, Strong Hair & Firm Body

Jennifer Lopez: Long Sleep Better Than Skin Care Creams

all know how wonderful complexion Jennifer Lopez has and the secret of
her amazingly beautiful complexion is a long sleep. She never sleeps
less than 8 hours a day – her skin has time to rest and the next day is
always radiant. Jennifer also doesn’t tan, she uses bronzing foundations

Why this beauty secret is so special?
The best time for your skin to regenerate is between 12-6 am. You
should go to bed before midnight and if possible sleep 8 hours a day. To
keep your skin healthy and protected it’s great to use UVA/UVB
sunscreens during the day.

Cindy Crawford: Milk Smooths My Body

former American model has extremely smooth skin, and what she does is –
she mixes 50:50 – milk and mineral water and sprays her face and body
with the mixture.

Why this beauty secret is so special?
It’s a great method if you have dry skin. Milk contains proteins,
Vitamins A, B and E, fats, calcium and lactic acid. They accelerate
epidermis regeneration processes, restore skin’s lipid layer, neutralize
free radicals and gently exfoliate – skin is hydrated and firm. You can
also take a bath with goat milk, after which you should rinse your body
with cool water, towel-dry your body and apply body lotion.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Beer Strengthens My Hair

you know how beautiful, wavy hair Catherine has and how healthy they
look. Celebrity beauty secret for beautiful and healthy hair is really
simple. If you want to use her method, you need 0.5 glass of beer and 2
spoons of honey. Apply the mixture to your hair and wrap it in a towel
for 10 minutes and rinse the mixture off. The effect will surprise you!

Why this beauty secret is so special?
Honey contains sugars, mineral salts and organic acids – they nourish
and regenerate. Beer, on the other hand, contains: Vitamins B and hops
extract – rich in essential oils. The mixture that celebrity uses helps
strengthen hair bulb, reduces hair loss, soothes irritations and
cleanses the skin. It also regulates sebaceous glands activity, so hair
doesn’t get oily so easily. After rinsing the mixture off it’s good to
rinse your hair with water (with lemon juice), to get rid of alcohol

Sandra Bullock: Cheap Skin Care Cream for Dark Circles Under Eyes

never has dark circles under eyes, no matter how many hours celebrity
works daily. A special product we talk about here is cream for
hemorrhoids – which is great for dark circles under eyes! You are
probably surprised by this information, but try it!

Why this beauty secret is so special?
Creams for hemorrhoids reduce puffiness under the eyes, however, they
contain strong ingredients, while under eyes are sensitive areas. It is
recommended to use good eye creams instead, they should contain: Horse
Chestnut extract, Arnica and Ginkgo Biloba they reduce bruises and

Julia Roberts: Olive Oil Hydrates Hands

Julia has
not only a beautiful smile but also hands you can be jealous of! Famous
celebrity simply keeps her hands in slightly warmed olive oil.

Why this beauty secret is so special?
Olive oil has nourishing, rejuvenating and regenerating properties. It
hydrates and leaves a layer of shield that protects the skin against sun
and prevents the loss of moisture. Ideal for dry hands. Olive oil penetrates deeply into the structure of breakable nails and nourishes them from inside.

Elizabeth Hurley: Cold Shower Firms Legs and Body

Famous model and actress often show her legs, but you can’t find cellulite on them. The secret of her beautiful legs without cellulite are her showers when she massages her legs with a stream of cold water.

Why this natural beauty secret is so special?
Cold showers improve blood circulation in the body, cold showers remove
cellulite and prevent swelling. Do not pour cold water on areas of
kidneys and ovaries – an easy way to catch a cold. It is good to massage
the body with a rough glove – it will help to firm not only your legs
but also neck and decolletage.

We hope you enjoyed beauty secrets
from celebrities. They are great, all-natural and very affordable, so
don’t forget to try them and pin them for later!

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