Baking Soda And Castor Oil: 11 Healthy Castor Oil Uses, 4 Benefits When Mixed With Baking Soda, And A DIY Hot Compress Recipe

such recipe is mixing: baking soda and castor oil. Individually these
ingredients are said to possess tons of medicinal properties and
therefore a unique series of benefits in turn, here are some of them.


Curing Powers Of Castor Oil

you may have heard of baking soda’s amazing properties in whitening
teeth, removing blackheads and treating acne, castor oil specializes in
reducing dark spots on skin such as dark under-eye circles, improving
blood circulation, and more.

1. Eyes

Castor oil is a
trusty remedy for treating cataracts and improving your eyesight, all
you need to do is add a drop of castor oil to your eyes before going to

2. Ears

Orally consuming 6 to 8 drops of castor oil
for around 4 months is said to cure tinnitus (an ear infection symptom,
where one feels a ringing or booming sensation). Likewise, adding two
drops of castor oil in your ears can improve your hearing drastically

3. Nose And Sinus

Applying some castor oil on your stomach may reduce or stop snoring within 2 weeks.

4. Mouth And Lips

Treat mouth sores effectively by adding a drop of castor oil directly on to sores.

5. Neck And Vocals

you feel like your voice is coarse or feel like a sore throat is coming
along, gently massage some castor oil on your neck to treat it.

6. Back

Castor oil eases out those sore spots that cause most forms of back aches.

7. Stomach And Digestion

you’re facing a bout of diarrhea orally consume 2 drops of castor oil.
Or if your stomach is hyperactive or noisy, silence it by applying some
castor oil on your stomach.

8. Legs And Feet

Castor oil massages can removes those cracks or calcium deposits on your soles and even treat tired or injured ankles.

9. Skin And Hair

marks are a goner with about 5 castor oil massage sessions. Applying
some to warts can make them disappear within a month too. Likewise,
massaging your scalp with some castor oil every few days stimulates hair
growth, reduces hair fall, and gives you stronger roots.

10. Allergies

Consuming about 5 drops of castor oil everyday can also keep your allergies at bay.

11. Addictions

Having about 2 drops everyday can reduce your addictions to alcohol and even nicotine from smoking.

The Benefits Of Mixing Castor Oil And Baking Soda

fusing the powers of baking soda and castor oil together, you get a
naturally potent remedy that is said to be able to help treat a few
other health problems too.

1. Dark Spots

Mixing baking soda with castor oil helps remove the dark spots, marks, and blemishes on your face

2. Bruises

annoying skin injuries, be it paper cuts, burns, and even bruises can
be easily treated by mixing baking soda and castor oil. The baking soda
fizzes out the bacteria and dirt, while the castor oil helps close the
wound up.

3. Bug Bites

Applying some castor oil mixed with
baking soda to those itchy and swelling bug bites on your skin can give
you some instant relief.

4. Fungal Infections

troublesome fungal infections like athlete’s foot can be remedied with a
coating and massage using castor oil and baking soda.

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