Anyone Can Have Long Lashes If They Know How Effective Tricks For Longer And Fuller Lashes!

Well-make-up eyelashes give a dramatic look and open the eye. We bring you great tricks that will make your lashes visually fuller.

Always curl your eyelashes!
Before doing anything with your lashes, first curl them. Some mascara wraps your eyelashes on their own, but it’s never too much do it with a curler before applying. This trick works for all women and by no means skip it.

Use a transparent primer
Before applying powder and mascara, apply a translucent primer on your lashes, which will make your lashes fuller.

Apply powder before mascara
Did you know that just a small amount of powder on eyelash can make a big difference? Before the mascara, and after the primer, put some baby powder on the lashes, then apply a few layers of mascara.

Draw the inside of the upper eyelid with an eyeliner

This can be annoying at first until you get used to it, but it will really make a visible difference. Draw a space between the eyelashes and the inner edge of the upper eyelid before applying the mascara.

Apply multiple layers of mascara

A sure way to help lashes look fuller is to apply several coats of mascara. Apply the second coat while the first is still moist, and do the same with the third coat.

Use two shades of mascara

First apply brown and then black mascara to the lashes, which will make the lashes visually fuller and give them a new dimension.

Put the mascara on the top of your lashes
It is very important to apply the mascara evenly from the root to the tips of the eyelashes.

Use zigzag technique
Always apply zigzag movements to the mascara, never straight, as this will not spread evenly and there is a possibility of the lashes sticking together. Also, try blinking while applying mascara.

Comb your lashes
It is very important that you comb your eyelashes well with a special comb before applying makeup because this will make the makeup better spread over all the hairs.

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