Amazing DIY Recipes Which Can Transform Your Dark Lips Into Rosy Pink

Every woman to be having pink rosy lips. It gets mostly darken due to sun heat or pollution effect on our lips.
from observation medications can also cause this. Besides that, smoking
also another major cause in darken our lips. As we know the lips are
more sensitive than our skin we need more care for our lips to save


Here is a Few Easiest method to keep your lips pink and rosy.

1. Using Chocolate Remedy

Elements required to prepare dark chocolate:
Two squares of unsweetened dark chocolate
One spoon of cocoa butter
How to prepare?
Use a dual boiler to melt the dark chocolate and the cocoa butter.
Take it out after it’s blended.
Mix them properly.
make it normal temperature
keep it in a glass container.
How to implement it?
When you are free you can apply it on your lips
Keep it for 10 minutes than Wash with cool water.
For quick results apply for 3 times a week.

2. Aloe And Coconut Remedy

Elements required to prepare the remedy :
An extra fresh slice of aloe vera
Coconut oil
How to perform it?
take aloe vera and slice it from the middle.
then the gel from the leaf and put it in a container.
Unite three or four drops of coconut oil to it.
it can use olive oil instead of coconut oil if you want to.
Store it in a bowl.
How to employ it?
You can use it as your lip formula.
You can use it upon your free time and availability.

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