A special drink for healthy blood vessels

My granddad had a cardiac attack earlier this year. A cardiologist told
us the most effective homemade drink to clean blood vessels and prevent
heart attacks.


  • Ginger juice — 250 ml
  • Garlic puree — 250 ml
  • Lemon juice — 250 ml
  • Apple cider vinegar — 250 ml
  • Honey — 5 tbsp

All the ingredients should be mixed together except for honey and are
cooked for 30 minutes on medium heat. Stir continuously. First take the
heat off and then let it cool completely. Add the honey and mix the
mixture. Then, pour the mixture in a clean bottle. It can be kept in the
fridge for 1-2 months.

Have 1 tbsp of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.

Health benefits

Honey and garlic reduce the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure,
lemon regulates heartbeats, ginger prevents heart diseases and apple
cider vinegar removes all the toxins from the body.

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