A New 7-Days Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat

In later years, there has been a lot of noise on the internet with
numerous diets. Nonetheless, most of them have disappointed, primarily
because it is complicated to follow them. Nevertheless, you are in
victory today. Following Lemon diet is straightforward to follow and it
will assist you to get the best results. It is an efficient loss plan
which will support you melt away the fat, detoxify the body and reduce


The central ingredient of this recipe is lemons. They are greatly
alkalizing in the body. So, they can stimulate the body to maintain the
pH level by eliminating the toxins of the body. Also, lemons will
provide you many other goods as well. They are full of fibers, sugars,
good polyunsaturated fats, and vitamin C.


Health Benefits of Lemons

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Prevents anemia
  • Treat throat infection
  • Enhances immune function
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Cleanses your bowels
  • Lowers stress and improve the condition
  • Improves satiety


How to Use Lemon to Burn Fat

Day 1

Start the present day with lemon water. Just load an 8-ounce cup with
hot water and insert about 1 or half freshly juiced lemons (two
tablespoons lemon juice). Then, mix well and drink on an empty stomach.
Recur this step in about 30 minutes before lunch. Its also recommended
making sure you eat healthy foods during the day.

Day 2

On the second day, do the same. Drink hot water and freshly squeeze
lemon juice on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before your breakfast and
lunch. Then, drink another 2-3 liter of natural water during the day.
Perhaps, you can add the juice of 6 lemons to the mineral water for best

Day 3

During the present day, you need to consume lemon water on an empty
stomach in the morning. Nevertheless, for lunch, you can drink lemon
water with your meal instead of before lunch. Just consume mineral water
with lemon juice during the day.

Day 4 and 5

Do the same as day 3.

Day 6

Begin your day with a lemon water glass on an empty stomach. Then, drink
one more cup of lemon water throughout the day, both for lunch or
dinner. Also, you need to drink clear mineral water or distilled water
during the day

Day 7

Begin your day with a glassful of hot lemon water on before your
breakfast. Also, try to consume healthy products during the day. Do not
forget to waste a lot of bright, fresh water throughout the day. If you
take this as a routine and recur every day, you will be charged with
power, and you will shred all the extra fat as well! Good luck with
Lemon Diet.

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