9 Signs You’re Too Good For Your Partner

Dating is rough. Nowadays there are a thousand distractions for every
relationship out there, and it can be hard to know whether or not the
relationship you’re in is the right relationship for you. People date
the wrong people all the time. People date people who aren’t good enough
for them all the time. But reading the signs you’re too good for your
partner can be difficult. Nobody wants to believe they’re in a
relationship that’s not going to work out. Even fewer people want to
feel like they’ve been wasting their time in their relationship. But at
the end of the day, that’s just a risk you take while navigating the
wild world of dating.

Though it seems like millennials are doing relationships differently
than generations past, there’s still plenty of room for error. And
plenty of people out there in the world that you’re just not meant to be
in a relationship with. Out of billions of people in the world, it can
be daunting to think about finding the perfect person. Which is why
society today practically begs people to settle down with what’s in
front of them, so the propensity of winding up in a relationship that’s
not great for you is higher than ever. Still, it can be hard to
recognize. In order to avoid these pitfalls, read on.

1. Your Partner Has No Motivation

If your partner doesn’t have very much ambition or motivation, you’re in
the wrong relationship. Without goals or direction in their lives,
you’ve already outgrown your partner in maturity and potential, which
will only cause a bigger rift down the road. Seek out a partner who’s
just as motivated as you are, and you’ll find that you make a much
better match.

2. Your Partner Doesn’t Meet You Halfway

Compromise is key when it comes to healthy relationships, and if your
partner doesn’t even bother meeting you halfway, you’re in for trouble.
From pitching in, to family holidays, to daily chores, a relationship is
about compromise, and about making things work for the both of you. Not
just making it work for your partner.

3. You Often Feel Like A Parent

Are you constantly nagging? Doing simple things for your partner that
they should really be able to do for themselves? If you feel like your
partner’s mother, you need to reassess your relationship and
responsibilities. Your partner should be your equal, not another human
being that relies on you for handouts.

4. Your Partner Doesn’t Keep Their Word

If you’re in a relationship with someone who has a hard time keeping
their word — whether it’s cancelling plans or following through on to-do
lists — you’re definitely wasting your time. Everyone cancels plans
every once in a while. Everybody gets the procrastination bug here and
there. But if your partner is a constant repeat offender? It’s time to
talk about it with your partner.

5. Your Partner Doesn’t Support You

This should be a no-brainer, but if your partner doesn’t support you in
your hopes, dreams, aspirations, or even just when you’re having a hard
time, then your partner is much too low on the totem pole for you. Your
partner either needs to step up to the plate, or head out the door.

6. You’re Constantly Making Excuses For Your Partner

If you find yourself constantly making excuses for your partner to your
pals, your co-workers, and even yourself, then you’re much too good for
them. You should be proud of your relationship and your partnership, not
searching for another excuse as to why they couldn’t attend the company
dinner… Again.

7. Your Friends And Family Aren’t Impressed

Your friends and family are the people who know you best, and a general
air of disappointment around your partner means you’re way too good for
your partner. Your family and friends won’t necessarily get along with
everyone you bring into your life, but they certainly know you, and they
definitely want the best for you. Trust in them.

8. Your Partner Doesn’t Value Your Opinion

If your partner doesn’t value your opinion, your partner doesn’t value
you. And respect is paramount in any relationship, especially in a
romantic relationship. You should feel comfortable sharing your thoughts
and ideas with your partner. And if your partner doesn’t think much of
your thoughts and ideas? You’re much to good for your partner.

9. You Often Feel Let Down

If you feel let down constantly by your partner then you need to
reevaluate your relationship. Regardless of your expectations, you
should be in a relationship that far exceeds them. A partner who is good
enough for you will rise to the occasion, every time.

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