9 Best Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship To Enjoy Your Love Endlessly

Everyone desires to have a healthy, loving and long-lasting relationship with the right person by their side.

But only a handful of people succeed in achieving it while the rest end up in breakup or divorce.

In order to have a successful relationship, there are some fundamental things that couples must have.


Among those few things, TRUST acts as one of the key elements for any relationship to succeed.

of trust topples down even the best of the relationships within a
jiffy. This is why it is very important to build trust in a

Of course, love is important as well but no relationship can exist without trust.

be more specific, the factor called ‘Trust’ plays a crucial role in
relationships. A relationship without trust is like a human body without

Ultimately, Trust has the power to make or break your relationship.

Trust is the foundation and root of every relationship.

Trust, in the simplest terms, is the firm belief that you have for someone or something.

a relationship, trust is something where you give yourself completely
to that someone and believe that – No matter what may come, they will
always remain loyal to you and love you till the end.

Further, trust is something that is to be earned and not given.

is a very delicate thing like glass that should be handled very
carefully. Even if you do a slight mistake, it can break your
relationships into pieces.

And once broken, trust is very difficult to repair or rebuild. Hence, it has to be guarded carefully with utmost care.

the other hand, trust can be compared to an eraser that gets smaller
with every mistake. Therefore, it should be constantly nurtured with
care and attention to sustain a relationship through ups and downs of

We know – To construct a building we need a strong
foundation. The purpose of a foundation is to hold up the entire
structure above it and keep it upright.

If your foundation is weak, then your building can collapse at any moment.

Thus the strength of the building lies in its foundation.

The Same applies for a relationship as well.

acts like a basic foundation in any relationship without which your
building called ‘Relationship’ will collapse any moment.

Stronger the trust, deeper the relationship.

Hence, building trust is very important to make your relationship last.

Trust is a powerful tool that commands immense influence over relationships at all points of time.

Also Trust, when mutually reciprocated, enhances the strength of relationships to a great extent.

Trust exhibited with consistency through the ups and downs of time acts as the binding factor that fosters relationships.

Relationships with high levels of mutual trust survive the test of time even in tough situations.

thus, acts as the fundamental necessity for a relationship to survive
while breaking it kills the relationship altogether.

Trust increases the love they share with each other while a lack of trust fosters hatred among all concerned.

Henceforth, Trust can be termed as the basis for any relationship to succeed.

For this reason, it becomes very important to build trust in a relationship.

as mentioned earlier, many strong relationships survive only because of
trust, Trust cannot be built overnight in a relationship.

Different couples take different speeds to build trust in a relationship.

is of utmost importance that we need to understand the ways to build
trust in a relationship. Likewise, we also need to understand the drops
of poison that can kill relationships slowly.

There are, in fact, certain things that we do knowingly or unknowingly that makes our relationship difficult in the first place.

Let us look at some tactical ways to mend these mistakes and build trust in the relationship.

1. Be Honest

Never ever be dishonest in a relationship when you want it to last long.

Dishonesty is a string that pulls you away from your beloved ones snapping your throat as well as theirs.

Being dishonest will never help you at all points of time.

When time exposes your falsity, your dishonesty will kill your relationship in an unexpected way.

honesty is something that you would want the other person sharing the
relationship with you to exhibit. In similar way, it is only natural for
them to expect equal levels of honesty from you too.

Be fair to your commitment to the relationship as much as you want the other person to be.

Honesty is that virtue that creates positive energy in your relationships by fostering love at all points of time.

When you are really honest in a relationship, you never hurt the other person due to the love you exhibit for them.

When you do not hurt, you save a lot of time and energy for yourself and the other person concerned.

being honest is the best way to build trust in a relationship, making
it withstand the test of time throughout one’s lifetime.

2. Be Transparent

Transparency in communication helps avoid many relationship issues most of the times.

When you communicate with people openly, it automatically complements your honest nature.

Your words, body language, and cues sent out during the communication process must display honesty purely.

Communication is a key tool that establishes astonishing relationships over long periods of time.

Communicating the right things at the right timing in the right way helps to keep relationships in an intact manner.

Ensure you communicate all that happens in your life transparently to the person you value the most.

the same time, listen as much as you communicate since the other person
involved in the relationship might have things to share with you.

When you hear what they say in a sincere manner, the trust levels involved in the relationship remains strong.

Ensure that communication in your relationship is two way and hence, must never be left half-baked anytime.

secrets spoil the texture of relationships. So, make sure you do not
hide anything from the other person who shares the relationship with

When secrets exist, relationships cease to exist. 

3. Stay true to your words

Just words do not makeup relationships. True relationships are made up of emotions and actions.

The words we speak in the relationship can either kindle emotions or lead to actions that may activate mental states.

If you truly care for your relationship, use words that will not hurt the other person or lead to emotional distress.

Speak with honesty. However, ensure that your honesty does not turn out to be a brutal one through the usage of wrong words.

Use only such words that would help you build trust in a relationship instead of sabotaging it.

Another important point to remember is that use only words that you can emphasize through your actions.

Particularly, when you are looking for long-term connectivity in relationships, it is important that you do what you speak.

you create an impression in the minds of people involved in the
relationship that you never do what you speak, your relationship is at
stake. This one reason is enough to dig a deep grave for your
relationship to rest for the remaining period of your lifetime.

False promises convert the relationship into a fake one and fail to build trust in a relationship.

Therefore, get into the habit of speaking only what you can do. Do what you speak.

4. Turn vulnerability into your strength

A vulnerability is that quality in a person which is considered more as a weakness in normal circumstances.

Managing relationships does happen as a part of our day to day life.

Be a child that is not afraid of showing out its vulnerabilities to people around it.

Being vulnerable in relationships that you consider important makes you look beautiful and innocent.

honesty displayed when you exhibit your vulnerability increases the
love that prevails by multi-fold levels. This is a crucial aspect to
build trust in a relationship.

By doing so, you will never feel uncomfortable to show out your vulnerability to your closed ones.

The mutual love you share in the relationship will matter more than your feeling of discomfort.

if you feel uncomfortable to show out your vulnerability to others in
the relationship, you really do not value that relationship as much as
you think.

Hence, make vulnerability your strength when it comes to fostering relationships.

Vulnerability turns out to become beautiful when the relationship is filled with love and honesty.

Use vulnerability to build trust in relationships rather than considering it as your weakness. 

5. Quality time is a qualifier

Time acts as a major factor when it comes to building long-lasting relationships.

The more time you spend with each other, the more understanding prevails between the two of you.

you are a person for whom speed matters the most, you may sacrifice
many relationships whose foundation takes a longer time to be laid.

Patience is the key when it comes to building as well as fostering relationships.

Spending as much time as possible with each other is the key to build trust in the relationship.

may start with the eyes gazing at the inner and outer beauty in a
mutual manner. However, trust blossoms when the world is witnessed by
the same eyes together sharing the same wavelength.

Spend time with each other. Talk about mutual interests.

the company of all those relationships you feel happy being with. Show
them your true self and try to understand them in all their originality.

Appreciate their strengths in all sincerity.

Remember, spending quality time with each other helps build trust in a relationship very easily.

6. Never pass on the bug

The whole point of the article to make you realize that relationships are based on mutual trust. 

Hence, take responsibility for your actions and inactions. 

When you do this, both respect as well as the trust levels that others have in you will raise up to great altitudes.

you deny to take responsibility for your actions, the trust levels that
the other person in the relationship have in you diminishes to
deterrent levels.

Successful relationships highly depend on the level of ownership taken by all involved in a relationship.

When you try to pass on the bug to the other, you are simply letting them down emotionally.

Emotional disasters tend to lower the dependability quotient on one another.

When dependability levels lower down, the trust factor takes a beating. Gradually, this leads to breakage in the relationship.

When you are seriously interested to build trust in a relationship, you must take ownership for your actions and inactions.

Take responsibility for each and every word that you utter.

getting into the habit of passing on the bug to the others involved in
the relationship since this causes frustration and disbelief.

Frustration leads to total destruction of trust.

At this stage, it turns out very hard to rebuild trust in the relationship.

7. Put yourselves in their shoes

Sometimes building trust is simply a matter of treating the person you love in a way you expect them to treat you.

Understand that they too have feelings and expectations as you have yours. Then act as you would want them to treat you.

Trust can be built only when you understand and respect each other’s feelings.

8. Accept the mistakes

Nothing builds trust in the relationship more than accepting your mistakes. 

There isn’t a perfect partner or perfect relationship on this planet.

We are all bound to screw up, and that’s okay!

When you make mistakes intentionally or accidentally, apologize to your partner and let him/her know how sorry you are.

9. Appreciate, Forgive and Forget

Relationships are meant to be pampered.

Relationships which don’t get celebrated fail to cross the winning mark any day.

Learn to appreciate the positives in your relationship.

positive words to reinforce the strength of others involved in the
relationship with you instead of criticizing with negative words.

Forgive their follies and do not make a mountain out of a mole.

Forget all that disturbed the relationship but never forget the lesson you learned from those episodes.

are the lessons you need to keep in mind for a lifetime and more so you
continue to build trust in a relationship all throughout the span

Life is not always cupcakes and rainbows.

In reality, most relationships in life go through hell at one point of time or the other. 

a major percentage of relationships sinks due to lack of trust,
relationships that possess strong trust factor survive even the worst
storm and sail through hard winds.

There may come times when the two hearts that tried very sincerely to be one get hurt a lot.

But, Thanks to the high levels of faithfulness exhibited by people involved in it.

Building trust requires equal amounts of dedication and effort from both the person concerned.

Trust maybe fragile but it is capable enough to grow stronger over time.

if you have been hurt or deceived in the past, it may take a longer
time to build trust. But if you love that person truly and if they also
love you the same way, then it’s worth trying.

Relationships remain strong through ups and downs in life when its basement is laid on trust.

Build trust in a relationship by focusing on the nuts and bolts of it and enjoy the happiness it radiates all around.

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